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Professional quality imposition of booklets and more

Professional quality imposition of booklets and more

Save time, paper, and aggravation, with IDImposer. Prepare booklets, newsletters, magazines, brochures, sheets of labels, and books, for press or direct printing, without leaving InDesign.

IDImposer creates a new 'printer spread' InDesign document, ready for your on-screen inspection. Then simply print, or use InDesign's standard Export to PDF, without having to resort to obsolete, lower quality, error-prone workarounds.

Advanced features include support for bleed, shingling, perfect binding, cut stacks, metric measurements, crop marks, user-definable multi-up layouts, and impositions of impositions.

This free version of IDImposer will do small to mid-sized jobs. The only limitation is that a license (currently $39) must be purchased for jobs of more than 12 pages (3 two-up two-sided sheets).



* Improved paper size choices and UI.
* Workaround for InDesign CC 2019 crasher.
* Support for simple gathered ('Perfect') and nested ('Saddle') multi-up layouts.
* Miscellaneous UI enhancements
* Miscellaneous bug fixes.
* Architectural and performance improvements.

IDImposer User Guide.pdf

Open the Scripts panel from InDesign's Window menu, at Window > Utilities > Scripts. Then in the Scripts panel, open the Application folder, using the disclosure icon. In the Application folder, you will see an IDImposer11B folder. Open the IDImposer11B folder, and see the IDImposer11-Pro.jsxbin file. Double-click IDImposer11-Pro.jsxbin to run IDImposer.

To summarize:
Double-click the IDImposer11-Pro.jsxbin file, in
Window > Utilities > Scripts > Application > IDImposer11B.

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