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Typro Free

TYPRO is a next generation Typo Builder (Easy way to create Typography and title animations)

TYPRO is a next generation Typo Builder (Easy way to create Typography and title animations)

To use Animation Titles normally is hard and time consuming with lots of problems. you should look for compositions in a project to find your title, thereby finding the design and animation you concern. Furthermore through spending so much efforts and time,you have to change and modify the title.
Typro will take you out of the problems and limitation and you have access simply and quickly on titles and are able to watch them in a real time and orderly classified form. you can have your ideal animation selected (Pause) out of three other animations for each title. Even for more simplicity, you are capable of using View Grid window to see the titles all at once and ease your selections as well as determine your titles with resolution that was defined before. You are also able to edit and shift your titles in several easy steps without any problem in order to achieve your appealing scheme. Furthermore, with activating and compounding wonderful effects that were already obtained, it will be easy to reach perfect results and create completely different titles. But it's not the end, you have time controlled. you can change overall time of the animation and pause time as well. Meanwhile, you are capable of slowing down and rising up the speed. Moreover, you have control on your entry and exit and are able to change intro and outro sections or even shift them.



Easy and Fast Script
Live Preview
Change Duration and Time Control
60 Animated Titles
Resizable and Any Resolution
Included Video tutorial
No Plugins Required
Works for all Language of After Effects
Export to Premiere Pro and All Video Editing Software

Quick Refrence Guide.pdf

Copy MotionDesk.jsxbin file and MotionDesk_Assets Folder in the Script Folder into the Script UI Panels folder for After Effects.
By default, you can find the Script UI Panels folder in the following location.
Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects \Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels
Mac OS:
Applications/Adobe After Effects /Scripts/ScriptUI Panels

After you have copied the script restart After Effects.
To launch the MotionDesk panel (Typro) open the
Window menu and select MotionDesk.jsxbin from the list.
Then go to Package Manager section and Install Free Package.