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The extension for check paths and convert work or normal path to clipping path on Photoshop

The extension for check paths and convert work or normal path to clipping path on Photoshop

It's hard to check paths on photo data
If you have to check it , you have to open on Photoshop many time
Especially make a lot of photo data for publishing and convert clipping path It's a lot of work so I developed it.
The extension helps to convert to clipping path and check paths

How to use

First, you select each options

Path check
It makes stroke follow paths on each photo data and then export Jpeg image to pathcheck folder on desktop
So you can easy to check how follow paths on photo data
It's not overwrite original data

Convert to Clipping path
It converts to clipping path each files
If you want to convert work path you have to rename after convert work path

Stop process
It makes stop process if files match any you checked condition

It renames paths maximum 5

Select folder
You select folder and then process files including sub folder's files
But please check open extension at least one
If you don't check any save extension , the process won't save original data just check paths condition

For opened files
The process for opened files on Photoshop
If you don't check any save extension , It will also won't save Opened data and close so be careful

Finally the extension write log what files has what kind of paths

Make selection

It makes selection from path for all opened files
but the function makes selection even any path name

Make selection from all paths

If the file has more than two paths
it makes selection from all paths
If you don't check it the function makes selection from only top of path
It will ignore other paths

Use action after make selection

If you check the switch the function will operate action which you select after make selection

Japanese explanation here



support cc 2020

after installation you can find Window > Extension PathManager

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