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MagicPicker - Professional Photoshop Color Wheel

Most advanced industry-standard color wheel color picking extension panel for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. ** Made in Hollywood with ♥ for digital art **

Most advanced industry-standard color wheel color picking extension panel for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. ** Made in Hollywood with ♥ for digital art **


MagicPicker is the best tool you need for picking colors professionally, finding color combinations or correcting color temperature in your digital artwork.

*** Made in Hollywood. Used in major feature film and game studios since year 2008 all around the world ***

MagicPicker is a compact, easy-to-use, beautiful panel inside Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. It saves your energy and makes you work smarter! Brings years of experience in digital painting from well-known digital artists.

MagicPicker lets emulate physical properties of the colors for more vivid printing and color reproduction and mixing.

New version introduces new color spaces designed for digital painting on the computer for concept artists, graphic designers, creative professionals, digital artists, game developers.



NEW IN version 6
NEW! LDT-Cube Color Picker - first of a kind perceptual color space for digital artists.
Allows you to pick separately on three Light, Dark and Temperature-based color sides at the same time!
Light/Dark sides are tone-locked so you can easily change color's saturation while keeping color's brightness.
- Move horizontally to adjust brightness
- Move vertically to adjust saturation while keeping brightness
- Top side adjusts color temperature

NEW! Keyboard Shortcuts to main MagicPicker functions. Now with one click do the following:
- Increase/decrease Color Temperature
- Increase/decrease Color Brightness
- Increase/decrease Color Saturation
- Toggle Color Scheme
- Toggle Tone Lock
- Toggle K-Lock
- Toggle Compact Mode
- Toggle RGB/HSB
- Switch between Color Wheel Triangle/Box/Diamond/Color Temperature/LDT Cube modes
- Copy current color's Hex value to Clipboard
- Switch Color Wheel / Color Box (Pane)
- Toggle MagicPicker panel on/off

All shortcuts are assignable straight inside MagicPicker Settings in an easy-to-use dialog (one click away settings).
Adjust steps for parameters increase/decrease from the same dialog.
All shortcuts work even if Document or any other panel selected, no need to click on MagicPicker, just keep it open.
You can assign shortcut to open MagicPicker panel.
You can asssign special keys of extended Keyboards and devices that emulate key presses.
Follow our tutorials for troubleshooting and additional details:

NEW! Super clean stylish look with new PRO Mode.
Hide all buttons and move UI elements out of your way! Click MagicPicker menu -> PRO Mode to toggle it.

NEW! Added new color spaces to the color wheel values display pane:
- Pantone P Solid Coated/Uncoated
- Pantone Solid Coated/Uncoated
- L*c*h*

NEW! Tooltips for UI elements! You can switch them off in Settings if you thing they're too much. You will
still have Interactive Help.

Fixed issues when switching back from Compact Mode
Fixed clicking on b&w boxes and button in BIG color mode
Improved Colorize Shapes & Text mode in varios scenarios with complex Photoshop documents
Improved performance
Better integration with most recent updates from Adobe, Microsoft and Apple (Windows/Mac)

24/7 Free technical support is included with your purchase

Window -> Extensions -> MagicPicker

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