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FILMSTRIP EFFECTS for Adobe Photoshop

55 beautiful filmstrip frame effects for your photos!

55 beautiful filmstrip frame effects for your photos!


The FILMSTRIP EFFECTS is a bundle of 3 sets of Photoshop actions that create 55 different filmstrip templates, inspired by the classic 35mm film gauge.

One of the biggest advantages of these actions, compared to PSD templates, is that they let you define the final filmstrip size: the actions make extensive use of vector graphics and produce crisp details, no matter the preferred filmstrip size.: you can use the same action to produce a 1000 pixels wide filmstrip for a web gallery, or a 100-inches wide filmstrip for a banner!

The images produced are fully layered, making use of non-destructive techniques. You can go back and edit these filmstrips just like you would do with a Photoshop template: replace one or more photos, change the colors and so on.

The bundle includes 3 sets of actions:
These actions produce 20 different, horizontal and vertical 35mm filmstrips, displaying up to 10 photos. Moreover, each action products 3 different filmstrip styles.
These actions produce 18 bent filmstrips, diplaying up to 10 photos. Each action products 3 different filmstrip styles.
These actions create 17 special effects, such as film rolls & cassettes, clapperboards, or imaginary filmstrip loops & circles.

Documentation and Support:
Click the ”Notes & Docs” tab on this page, and download the PDF User Guide. You may also contact us at: info@panosfx.com

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New filmstrips with round sprocket holes


Where is the product zip file located:
Navigate to your ”Downloads” folder. You should find the ”PanosFX-FILMSTRIPS-2021.2.3.zip” file there. You may have to restart your computer, for the download to complete.
Note: If you still can't find the product zip file, please contact us at info@panosfx.com providing the receipt you received as a proof of your purchase. We will email you the files as soon as possible, together with the installation instructions.

Unzip the file. This will create a folder called ”PanosFX-FILMSTRIPS-2021.2.3”. It contains 6 sets of actions plus a bonus PSD template.

Loading the actions in Photoshop:
Method 1:
• Double-click one of the 6 action files; the actions will be loaded automatically into the Actions Panel.
Note: If the Actions Panel is not visible, select ”Window > Actions” in Photoshop's menu.

Method 2:
• Open Photoshop and go to the Actions Panel.
• Click the panel's menu button (at the top-right panel corner) and select ”Load Actions” from the pop-up menu.
• Navigate inside the ”PanosFX-FILMSTRIPS-2021.2.3/Photoshop actions” folder and load the atn file; the actions will be loaded automatically into the Actions Panel.

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