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Vintage Film Grain Dust and Scratches Overlays

Vintage Film Grain Dust and Scratches Overlays for Photoshop

Vintage Film Grain Dust and Scratches Overlays for Photoshop




Loving that vintage worn film look you see all over Instagram and Blogs? These Photoshop Overlays will help you achieve that same look in High Resolution. Our 45 Vintage Film Overlays are HIGH RESOLUTION 300 DPI JPG Files. You can choose from Film Grain, Dust, Scratches, Worn Grunge, in many variations.

Easily applied in Photoshop and can be resized to fit different orientations and large images.
Your files will be sent via email. Make sure to note your email address or send me a direct message with you email address.

- 45 High Resolutions 300 DPI JPG Overlay Files compatible with Photoshop CS3-6 & CC Versions
- Compatible with JPG and RAW Images
- Compatible with both a Mac and PC
- Detailed Installation Instructions For Application in Photoshop


These 45 Overlays include dust, scratches, film grain, and various amounts of grunge texture. Perfect for creating Blog or Instagram imagery.

These have been designed to look great on a wide variety of images.

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Updated Overlays


After your file has synced, it will be available in your Downloads folder.

1. Extract the ZIP file (LM - FILM OVERLAY.ZIP)
2. Placing your Overlay on the Image.
Open the image you wish to apply your overlay to. Go to file>place and navigate to saved your overlays and select ‘place'. You will now see your overlay appear directly on top of the original image.
3. Change the blending mode.
You will now need to change the blending mode of the overlay layer to Screen or Soft Light. You can decide with looks best with your image. To change the blending mode you will will click on your layer with the overlay, above your layers panel you will see a rectangle that says normal click on that and select either soft light or screen.
4. Lower the opacity.
Now it is time to re-size the overlay to match your individual image. To do this you must lower the opacity of your overlay to see what your overlay looks like in relation to the image. At this stage I may choose to resize my overlay to fit better using the move tool in Photoshop.
5. Add a Layer Mask.
Make sure to bring your layer opacity back up to 100% now. I am going to add a layer mask because it is very forgiving if I make a mistake or need to make a readjustment to my overlay anywhere in my edit. To add a layer mask go to Layer>Layer Mask>Hide all. You will notice that your overlay has disappeared.
6. Paint on Your Overlay.
Keep in mind when using layer masks, black conceals and white reveals. You will want to make sure you have selected your layer mask in your adjustments panel for this step (the black box next to your sky overlay). The box is black because your overlay is being concealed. To reveal or ”paint on” your overlay where desired simply select a soft edged brush and select white for your brush color. Start painting where you wish to apply your overlay!

Here is a video to help: https://youtu.be/gVNXg5tM8yM
This video depicts sparkler overlays but is useful to see how to change blending modes.

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