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Doxee Pvideo for Adobe Animate

Supercharge Adobe Animate with personalized video! Turn your animations into personalized videos by adding variables, interactions, text-to-speech, and more!

Supercharge Adobe Animate with personalized video! Turn your animations into personalized videos by adding variables, interactions, text-to-speech, and more!

Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC does not support Animate 2020 yet.

Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC is a native extension that enables the creation of personalized video templates leveraging variable content, text, and audio to your HTML5 animations.

Deploy your templates with Doxee Pvideo® and deliver to your customers animations with personalized text, imagery, and audio. Personalize the narrative based on your customer's personal data.

Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC includes everything you need to easily turn your animations into immersive, individualized, and interactive moments.

Exclusively designed for Animate CC
Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC is the ultimate Adobe Animate CC extension to create personalized videos with Doxee's technology. Just build your animation, then use Doxee Pvideo® for Animate CC to customize the variable data, narrative, content, and sound.

Call-to-Actions and Interactions
Give your buttons a meaning with Doxee Pvideo®! Add dialogs and widgets to your videos to enhance the interactivity. Include call-to-actions to improve conversion rates of your video marketing campaigns.

User-Directed Storytelling
Everyone can be a director! With Doxee Pvideo®'s User-Directed Storytelling the video narrative changes based on the user interaction, creating an even more unique experience.

Text-to-speech and Speech Catalog
Doxee Pvideo® includes a fluent, multilanguage, text-to-speech narration of personalized data. Spoken text is generated on-the-fly to give developers maximum flexibility. For videos that require broadcast-quality speech, Doxee Pvideo® offers a Speech Catalogue which automatically selects studio-recorded spoken tracks based on variable data to personalize customer and product names, dates, and more.

Behavioral Analytics
Doxee Pvideo® collects high-relevance data from every customer, keeping track of every action and reaction. Advanced personalization calls for deeper insights, and Doxee Pvideo® is up to the task with built-in dashboards and APIs.

Doxee is a native cloud company that enables companies to efficiently create and deliver communications that evoke positive response and action. clients include Global 500 corporations in different industries such as Finance, Telecommunications, Utility, and Media.

Doxee's products combine industry-leading native cloud computing technology with communications expertise to deliver an interactive and personalized customer experience solution.

Check all the features out at pvideo.doxee.com



Create video templates that are delivered in an infinite number of different versions by incorporating a wide range of variable content. The only limit is your imagination.

A few features available out of the box for this release are:
• all-around personalization
• embedded calls-to-action
• dynamic storyboard
• text-to-speech
• user-directed storytelling
• in-video pop-ups
• behavioral analytics
• flexible delivery

TTS/Speech Catalog Credentials are:
• Partner key: BxxzYamJmd9wwgZAvdO1918Co2C3VhVm
• Shared key: 22d4a9acfe89fdfe6146231e659dc44971eabef6c66b4b494ea730b61a26e0fe

To know more and start engaging your customers, get in touch with Doxee at www.doxee.com/pvideo/solutions/

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