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Batch Extends is using action for all opened files on Photoshop like batch process but also you can use some if clauses

Batch Extends is using action for all opened files on Photoshop like batch process but also you can use some if clauses

first prepare your action and if you push ”load action” button”
and then the panel load your action

and then you can choice many if clauses
so can use action depend on each file`s condition


If opened file hasn`t changed anything
If you haven`t changed a file after opened on Photoshop ,the panel woks which you choice

If file`s layer more than two
If opened a file has more than two layer, the panel work works

If file`s size is....
First you fill out width and height size and then you choice clauses
like file`s is size just fit or more than or less than you filled out number

If file`s name is...
It also you fill some file name and choice clauses
like file`s name include you filled out name or nothing or just fit

If there are selection on opened file
if you made selection on opened file it`ll launch process

Other options
you can choice other option and more flexible

Save file
After process opened files are going to save and you can select extension

Close file after process
Opened files will close after process *be careful the option close after process without any dialog
even you not save

Select layer
Before process automatically select layer bottom or top or just keep you selected

Select process
Main process ,if opened a file doesn`t fit any clause main process is going to start

Each process

You can see select boxes each if clauses which you can select from your action or just close or keep
condition opened file

Just close
If opened file fit the clause, It`ll just close the file so be careful it is going to close without any dialog

Keep condition opened file so the panel won`t any process

You can select actions maximum 3 from action form and then you select action on each clauses from

drag and drop

If you want to pic up many files from local directory
Just drag and drop and then select options

more detail please read the PDF ( click Notes & Docs)

Japanese explanation here



support cc 2020

batch extends.pdf

after installation you can find Window > Extension BatchExtends

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