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ProWorkflow - Time & Project Tracking Extension

Integrated time, task & project tracker for creative teams. By designers; for designers.

Integrated time, task & project tracker for creative teams. By designers; for designers.

Introducing a native integration to enable time tracking, file upload & download, new task creation & more. All without leaving your project!

Simple and easy-to-use extension for your ProWorkflow project management account*

What does it do?

- Seamless integration – spend time creating, not doing admin
- Time tracking for accurate billing and resource management
- Upload and download files without leaving CC
- New Project Tasks – changes and replacements are flexible
- Compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & InCopy

What does it mean for you?

Improve internal & external collaboration
Increase transparency for accurate quotes and accountability
Reduce delays and miscommunication

The ProWorkflow Platform

ProWorkflow is an all-in-one online project management tool. Quote, Assign, Track, Invoice, and Report. All from the same intuitive platform.

Perfect for Designers, Photographers, Illustrators, Animators and other creatives. From freelancers to large agencies . Work harmoniously and stay on top of deadlines.

*This extension requires an active account subscription. For your free trial, visit proworkflow.com.




1. Add the ProWorkflow Extension to your Creative Cloud

2. Restart all the supported Adobe applications

To open or close the ProWorkflow Panel, in one of the Support Adobe CC applications, go to the menu bar - Window > Extension > ProWorkflow (this might vary depending on the application)


Refresh button : Will update the list of projects available
Go to Project button: Opens a project in ProWorkflow.com

Timer button: Start/stop a timer for a certain project. If a timer has been started on ProWorkflow.com, it should appear on the panel. It will add a button showing the time elapsed, clicking this button will allow you to cancel, discard or save the timer.
Add Task button: Will display a dialog, where the user will input the task name, start date and due date, and description.
Delete Task: Will delete the selected task
Download file button: Downloads the selected file.
Upload current file button: Uploads the current/active document. This operation can only be done, straight after a document has been opened or saved. If the document is on a modified state this button will be disabled.
Upload File button: Will display a dialog to select a file in your computer
Refresh button : Will update the list of tasks available for a certain project.

Flyout menu: The flyout menu appears in most application on the upper right corner of the panel, it contains the following menu items:

1 - The email of the user
2 - Logout
3 - Learn More (about ProWorklow)

The login and state of the panel is shared across applications. So if you have logged in, in InDesign, and then open the panel in Photoshop you will bypass the login screen.