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in5 (InDesign to HTML5)

in5 exports your InDesign layout (with full interactivity) to your own computer or web server, so that you can create digital magazines, mobile apps, web banners, & more.

in5 exports your InDesign layout (with full interactivity) to your own computer or web server, so that you can create digital magazines, mobile apps, web banners, & more.

Do you want to publish online documents to your own site?

Hit the free button above to install the free TRIAL VERSION. To access the full version, you will need a paid license (available from Ajar).

in5 exports your InDesign layout & interactivity to an open format that works in every major web browser.

No coding needed!

The output is flexible and easy to customize.

You create Flipbooks with page peel effects, or give your layout a more digital feel.

in5 supports more interactivity that any other format, including ePub and Interactive PDF.

You can even create Responsive Layouts!

The demo version is installed by default, but you can upgrade to the paid version using in5 > Export HTML5 with in5..., then clicking Upgrade with the Info section of the export dialog.



* Updated TextFrames with complex gradients to render as images regardless of text setting to keep appearance.
* Fixed text color fills that extend too far in SVG output.
* Fixed thumbnail order for RTL documents in viewer display.
* Fixed issues with parallax background scrolling on Safari when Desktop Scaling is applied.
* Fixed issue with header rows and borders of tables not appearing when text frames are threaded.

* Fixed issue with HD rendered images not scaling properly inside of scrolling frames.
* Fixed issue with navigation point button actions not working properly.
* Fixed issue with 3D Flip Card content disappearing due to a change in a Google Chrome update.
* Fixed audio controls that should be hidden on iOS.
* Fixed issue with SVG appearing differently remotely vs. locally.
* Fixed issue where MSO reset shows content that should be hidden by an animation property.
* Fixed display of slideshow images which were distorted in the Liquid Page Format.

* Updated Media Player to use Native iPhone controls to fix flipbook playback on iPhones.
* Fixed automatic page number issue across threaded frames and inline tables when rendering text as images.
* Fixed issue mistakenly limiting Enhanced Optimization features on a Gold plan.
* Fixed export error with SVG text related to Paragraph Shading that is applied but has no Fill Color.

* Added an automatic reload for GIFs in Object States so that animated GIFs play from the state when a new state is shown.
* Fixed issue with duplicate anchor items appearing in live text before a tab character.

* Updated Presentation Mode Click Next navigation to not navigate when videos are clicked to reveal controls. Only applies to videos that have control skins.
* Updated code to ensure that no extra elements appear on Web App instruction screens.
* Fixed issue with hide start items not being hidden to start.
* Fixed issue in InDesign 2020 where controller skin setting from Video widget panel is not correct in the output.
* Fixed issue with reloading of last slide in a non-looping autoplay presentation.
* Fixed issue with autoplaying media when multiple media are in MSOs on multiple pages.
* Fixed issue with behavior of multiple Pan and Zooms on separate Flipbook spreads.


in5 > Easy Export Wizard...

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