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in5 (InDesign to HTML5)

in5 exports your InDesign layout (with full interactivity) to your own computer or web server, so that you can create digital magazines, mobile apps, web banners, & more.

in5 exports your InDesign layout (with full interactivity) to your own computer or web server, so that you can create digital magazines, mobile apps, web banners, & more.

Do you want to publish online documents to your own site?

Hit the free button above to install the free TRIAL VERSION. To access the full version, you will need a paid license (available from Ajar).

in5 exports your InDesign layout & interactivity to an open format that works in every major web browser.

No coding needed!

The output is flexible and easy to customize.

You create Flipbooks with page peel effects, or give your layout a more digital feel.

in5 supports more interactivity that any other format, including ePub and Interactive PDF.

You can even create Responsive Layouts!

The demo version is installed by default, but you can upgrade to the paid version using in5 > Export HTML5 with in5..., then clicking Upgrade with the Info section of the export dialog.



* Improved rendering quality of scaled text as images in output.
* Fixed issue with GIF Maker recording end event not triggering properly.
* Fixed missing quote in nav.to query string.
* Fixed swiping when there are multiple swipeable image sequences on a page.
* Fixed scaling of HD images that have animation applied and are set as thumbnails.
* Fixed appearance of BULLET_CHARACTER in text and/or split error due to an InDesign issue.
* Fixed issue with SVG text frames that have no non-hyperlinked text.
* Fixed issue with swipe over MSO that triggers next state on mouse leave.
* Fixed misc issue with page numbering.
* Fixed JPG optimization error on Mac when file path contains accents.
* Fixed Open in Default Browser when folder path contains accents on Mac.
* Fixed scale to width pages that scroll too far at the bottom.
* Fixed positioning of items in a scrolling frame within an MSO.

* Fixed MSO states with 0 opacity on the state, not the content.
* Fixed non-rectangular shapes that should not be rendered as JPGs.
* Fixed javascript issue with single page fixed position elements.
* Fixed issue with missing width amount on certain fixed position elements.
* Fixed issue where fixed position element picked up CSS from a previous fixed element in the layout.
* Removed line between flipbook pages that sometimes appears when scaling.
* Updated bookmark navigation to work with page indexes not in exported layout.

* Fixed misc hyperlink and crossref issues.
* Fixed missing page navigation on newer versions of Chrome.
* Fixed anchored items sitting outside of frames that affect SVG text rendering object positions.
* Fixed issue with stacking of reused master page items that was causing items to be hidden by background artwork.
* Fixed shift of live text frames when anchored objects set outside the frame.

* Optimized item parsing.
* Fixed misc errors related to sound objects.

* Fixed video appearing on top of flipbook pages on large monitors with desktop scaling turned on.
* Fixed issue with incorrect auto page numbers on spreads when markers are on the page and not the master page.
* Fixed reuse images across spreads with lazy load.
* Fixed soundLoop error.
* Fixed bookmark navigation issue from v3.7.0.
* Fixed issue with scrolling navigation not going to correct location.
* Fixed shifted content in buttons.
* Fixed ability to force fullscreen video in Safari.
* Fixed issue with missing Fixed Position Elements.

* Added Magic Layout Builder to more easily create Responsive Layouts.
* Added Fixed Position Element feature to create pinned aka sticky items, like menus.
* Added Parallax Background feature.
* Added automatic vertical centering for flipbooks.
* Added the ability to jump to a specific page by clicking on the page count in the viewer display.
* Added Social Sharing Image along with Open Graph meta tags for Twitter and Facebook.
* Added support for Web Content properties on OAM files.
* Added ability to paste Resource code, so you don't have to create the file yourself.
* Added ability to set a fixed background image for the entire document as it scrolls.
* Added ability to export custom responsive page ranges.
* Added more support for Text Anchor Destinations.
* Automatically turns off Lazy Load Images when output is to Google Ads.
* Updated span items across spread feature to greatly improve output of documents with spreads.
* Updated to jQuery 3.5.1.
* Updated Twitter sharing URL pattern.
* Updated back-next arrow HTML and CSS to not appear in output, rather than simply be hidden, when that option is turned off.
* Removed Flash media fallbacks.
* Fixed issue with multiple media, when some should stop and some are continuous.
* Fixed issue introduced by InDesign 2021 removing the Controller Skin options for video.
* Fixed misplaced HD thumbnail images.
* Fixed off-page autoplay media.
* Fixed issue with custom page ranges that have left and right master pages.
* Fixed issue with duplicate master page items on a page that could made items appear bolder.
* Fixed overlapping animation issue when the browser tab loses and regains focus.
* Fixed issue where some rectangles with modified paths export without modified paths.
* Fixed issue where other documents are open after running in5.
* Fixed position of text frames rendered as images that have anchored objects outside the text frame's bounds.
* Fixed issue with missing paragraph borders when rendering text as images.
* Fixed issue with CMYK tints appearing incorrectly in the output.
* Fixed issue with some autosizing text frames not rendering correctly.
* Fixed rendering of radio buttons and checkboxes in Liquid page format.


in5 > Easy Export Wizard...

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