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PicturePresent Export Plugin

Export your photoshoots as client site to PicturePresent and start selling your photos

Export your photoshoots as client site to PicturePresent and start selling your photos

(For users of PicturePresent, http://picturepresent.nl).
With this plug-in, you'll be able to export your photo shoots directly from Lightroom to create new webstores and client sites. You can now create client sites and webstores without logging in onto your account.

Some useful tips:
** Your image rating or labels from Lightroom can be recognized as favourite images (for the slideshow). Log in to your account to configure this under ”my account”.
** Upload pictures with a dimension of 4200px on the long edge. Larger is possible, but not needed per se. You can change this in the ”Image Sizing” panel below.
** You can simultaneously export to PicturePresent and to your local hard disk as JPG files. This saves the need for a double export. This can be set in the ”Export Location” panel below.” 



After downloading and installing this plugin, you will get a zip file picturepresent.lrplugin.zip, unzip this file. This will result in a picture present.lrplugin.
Copy PicturePresent.lrplugin and paste the folder in below location:

Mac OS:
/Users//Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules


(you might need to restart your Lightroom to get the plugin visible in your export options)

To start working with the plugin, please follow the following steps:
1. Copy the authorization key from your PicturePresent account and paste it into the plugin panel.
2. Select the images you want to export to a PicturePresent client site, and go to File > Export. Select the PicturePresent export plugin there.
3. Enter the necessary fields and click export to start uploading.
4. Once the upload is finished, w will send you an email with a link to your newly created client site.