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Create lowres copies of each image linked in the InDesign document.

Create lowres copies of each image linked in the InDesign document.


Create lowres version of each image linked to your InDesign document to keep your document lighter. When you run it, the script will create a very lowres copies of each image linked in your document and these copies will be linked instead of the original ones. The copies will be created in the same directory where the original ones are saved. Running the code again, the lowres copies will be deleted from your storage device and the original copies will be linked again.



When download is done, you'll get a zip file in the folder you choose to save it. Unzip it to find the jsx/jsxbin. Then start you InDesign and open the Scripts Palette (found under the Window > Utilities > Scripts). With Scripts Palette opened, right-click (or control-click, in Mac) the User folder and select to Reveal in Finder (Mac) or Reveal in Explorer (Windows). With User folder showing in Finder/Explorer, go inside the Scripts Panel folder and drag and drop (or copy/paste) the downloaded jsx/jsxbin file from original folder\zip file. Go back to InDesign click to expand the User folder. The script has now been installed into this folder.

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