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Focus Checker LE

It is a free trial version of Focus Checker. ※This plug-in software does not run on Windows.

It is a free trial version of Focus Checker. ※This plug-in software does not run on Windows.

● Specification of Focus Checker LE
You can use it only three times.
The number that can be processed at one time is 50 sheets.
You can use it again by rebooting the PC.

There is a must-have feature for professional photographers: auto focus check.
This is exactly what Focus Checker LE is.
After taking large numbers of photos whether at model shoots, reporting, concerts, events,
or elsewherethe first process after transferring them to your PC is selecting.
Automating a part of that process will help streamline photographers' and retouchers' workflows,
freeing up time to increase their creativity.
This software batch-sorts large amount of photos into folders based on focus.
Perfectly focused pictures go in ”OK folder”, out-focused ones in ”NG folder”,
and those evaluated in betweenthem in ”NEAR folder. Of course, the sorting criteria can be specified by users.
The process of checking each photo out of a huge number of shots should not be
one the main jobs of photographers, and it is something that has to be finished as quickly as possible.
The more shots photographers take, the more work is there for them to be done afterwards.
We imagine that we can improve the situation, which most of the photographers are facing
by partially automating the first selection of thier pictures.

Currently for canon users only, you can use your AF area at the time of shooting to more accurately reflect your intent.
(Please turn off distortion correction in the camera setting.)

Focus Checker LE 1.1.6
- macOS 10.13 High Sierra or higher
- Adobe Bridge CC
※This plug-in software does not run on Windows.
※Data shot with Canon* cameras can be checked with accuracy using AF area.
* It works with original data and data processed with canonDPP,
but with other development softwares since its Meta-data would be lost in processing.



Ver 1.1.6 solves the problem of version upgrade.


adobe Bridge menu > window > extension > FocusChecker LE Please check FocusChecker LE. Then the window of FocusChecker LE will be expanded.

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