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Calendar Templates 2019 for Photoshop

Full set of 5 different 2019 Calendar Templates (Yearly or Monthly)

Full set of 5 different 2019 Calendar Templates (Yearly or Monthly)


A Set of 5 different Calendar Templates for the year 2019 in native Photoshop format. Full year, or month per month, that you can fully resize, customize (color/font/insert one or multiple photos)... while keeping the maximum output quality...

Download, modify and print professional 2019 calendar templates in a snap!

• Every year, you get a consistency and a similar look. We have been offering those templates every year for the past 15 years!
• All templates in text mode, so you can change the canvas size and resize to ANY dimension without any loss in quality.
• We offer 2 sets of 12 month's calendar templates (including one set with weeks starting on Monday) plus 4 full year templates as Photoshop layer files.
• With the 2019 Templates you can fully customize the full year or per months templates.
• Change font types/sizes/colors easily.
• Insert your own graphics within any template as a new layer or perform special effects.
• If you are not using English, it is easy to edit the days and months text in a couple of seconds.



adjust font for cc2019 compatibility

Go to your download folder and unzip : 2019.zip. This will create a folder with all the calendar templates ready to be opened with Photoshop.

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