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Batch add watermark

This is a photoshop extension that can batch add watermarks and copyright information

This is a photoshop extension that can batch add watermarks and copyright information


Operation demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTBX0V7ZxCs

If your photoshop version is above 2021, it is recommended to download the latest version here:

This is a photoshop batch watermarking panel that adds watermark and copyright information to the image in batches. You can adjust the scale and position of the watermark at will, it will automatically adapt to various images of different sizes, different resolutions, different aspect ratios, and automatically adjust the position of the watermark. In the exported options, you can select ”JPG” or PNG and set its quality. You can also set the image's export width/height and zoom.

Features: ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------

1. Batch processing adds watermark and copyright information
2. Feel free to move the position, size and change opacity of the watermark
3. Export to JPG and PNG
4. Change the size of the image when exporting
5. Watermark can automatically adapt to different sizes of pictures


1). Select the picture folder you want to process.

2). Select the watermark file. At this time, it will automatically open a picture in the folder that needs to be watermarked, and then put the watermark into the document. At this time, you can set the position and size of the watermark in the document.

3). Set the export format and quality

4). (Optional, if not set, execute the original size of each image) Set the width/height/zoom of the exported picture. You only need to set one of the three options. It should be noted that one of the items you set will be It will affect each image that participates in batch processing as a fixed value. For example, if you set the width to ”100px”, the width of each image will be ”100px”, and the height will be scaled proportionally.

5). (Optional, if not set, add the original copyright information of each picture) Set the copyright information, this step is optional, if you do not want to set the copyright information, you can not set. If set, the content inside the copyright information is also available Selected, you can add according to your needs.

6. Click the button to add a watermark to the batch.



Increase support for JPEG

The panel will be automatically installed by the Creative Cloud app after the purchase.

After the installation, please restart the Creative Cloud App and Photoshop.
Add the new panel via Window>>Extensions>>Batch Add Watermark

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