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8-IN-1 BUNDLE Of Vintage Photo Effects

Most likely you are inspired by all these old mystical photos just like me, and you want to have in your arsenal a palette of effects for Adobe Photoshop.

Most likely you are inspired by all these old mystical photos just like me, and you want to have in your arsenal a palette of effects for Adobe Photoshop.


Do you want to get all these awesome photo effects for the authentic aging of photos in different styles and techniques?

Most likely you are inspired by all these old mystical photos just like me, and you want to have in your arsenal a palette of effects for Adobe Photoshop in order to be able to authenticly style your photos. This is a great chance to get 8 tools in one and save $64! So...


Colorized Old Photo Effect Photoshop https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.100951.html $12
Demo Video: https://youtu.be/IkvgaxjrDsk
Colorized Old Photo Actions:
Make Old BW
Add All Tones
Add Skin Tones
Add More Skin Tones
Add Blue Tones
Add Cian Tones
Add Green Tones
Add Yellow Tones
Add Red Tones
Add Magenta Tones
Add Pink Tones
Custom Colorization
Add Warm Photo Filter
Smart Layer Mockups:
Vintage Postcard Mockup Landscape.psd
Vintage Postcard Mockup Portrait.psd
Step-By-Step User Guide.pdf

Bad Photocopy Effect Overlays https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.100882.html $8
28 Bad Photocopy Effect JPG 3500x2500
Overlay Actions.atn
User Guide.pdf

CYANOTYPE Digital Photoshop Effect https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.101020.html $12
Demo Video: https://youtu.be/xAJe51ClR7Q
PSD 4000x2667 file for processing photos in the style of cyanotype with a photonegative.
PSD 4000x2667 file for processing graphics in silhouette form, plants, objects, fonts.
User guide.

Old Photo Effect Overlays + Actions https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.100850.html $9
24 Dust and Scratches JPG 4000x2700
24 Paper JPG 4000x2700
Overlay Actions.atn
User Guide.pdf

WET PLATE Photoshop Template PRO https://crmrkt.com/AoJ8PN $12
Demo Video: https://youtu.be/7aBdQD2RB-0
PSD Mini Template 840x1000
PSD Template 2100x2500
PDF User Guide

Vintage Backgrounds & Overlays https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.100851.html $9
- 50 Premium Vintage Backgrounds 4000x2700 px
- PDF User Guide

Film Burn & Grain Overlay Effect https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.100880.html $9
52 Film Burn & Grain Overlays JPG 3000x2000
Overlay Actions.atn
User Guide.pdf

Vintage Old Photo Effect Overlays https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.100842.html $9
21 Dust and Scratches JPG 3000x2000
23 Paper JPG 3000x2000
Overlay Actions.atn
User Guide.pdf




This is not a Photoshop Panel. It includes photo overlays with Photoshop Action to use it quickly and PSD files with smart layers.

1. Run your Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app. Downloading may take some time, please stay calm.
2. After complete downloading the archive '8 IN 1 Bundle-of-Vintage-Photo-Effects.zip' will be downloaded to the ‘Downloads' folder or the one you selected.
3. Unzip the archive into a folder. Do not be discouraged if it is only TXT. There is a way to download.
After unzip, you will have the TXT file named 'Download Bundle from Google Drive.txt'


1. First open the TXT you downloaded in the product and
copy the link to the product you need.
2. Link opens in a browser on Google Drive.
3. Download the product from Google Drive. Wait until the download is complete.
5. Open the folder where you downloaded the ZIP file
(most likely it is C:\Users\*Username*\Downloads
or C:\Downloads)
6. Unzip the ZIP into the folder where you store
the files for work. Then unzip product.
7. Open User Guide.pdf in the product folder and follow the
instructions for installing and using the product.

Send me an e-mail: hello@graphicspirit.net


Compatible with any software which works with layers (Photoshop CS5+, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, etc.)
• Not for Further Distribution
•This listing is a digital download. No physical product will be shipped
@ Copyright® Notice: All copyrights and trademarks of the trademarked ideas and photos being used belong to their respective owners and are not being sold, they are provided to you for free. This item is not a licensed product and I do not claim ownership over the trademarked ideas used.

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