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40 Lightroom Presets specifically for Street and Urban Photography.

40 Lightroom Presets specifically for Street and Urban Photography.


This is a collection of 40 Street / Urban inspired presets and contains .xmp files for Lightroom CC Classic 7.3 and above and Lightroom CC. Mac or PC.

I created these Imagepunk presets to give your Street, Urban, City photography that all-important WOW factor, without spending hours and hours working on your images.

As with all presets, photographers should should view them as a starting point for their images, and some tweaking is recommended.

Included are four Imagepunk Presets Packs:


IP100 – Color Wow
IP101 – Mavis
IP102 – Old Fart
IP103 – Big Screen
IP104 – Crystal
IP105 – Sharp Carp
IP106 – Mono Sharp
IP107 – Good Mood
IP108 – Nocturnal
IP109 – Down-n-Dirty


IP110 – Trendy Wendy
IP111 – Old City
IP112 – Retro Metro
IP113 – Made to Fade
IP114 – Matte the Catl
IP115 – Summer Dumber
IP116 – Way Back When
IP117 – Close Encounter
IP118 – Leaky Bucket
IP119 – Solid Gone


IP120 – Skin
IP121 – Chic Attitude
IP122 – Rich Blogger
IP123 – Stylish Mood
IP124 – Fashionista
IP125 – Vert Supreme
IP126 – Rinky Dinky
IP127 – Bingabong
IP128 – Power Trip
IP129 – Street Cred


IP130 – Midnight Cowboy
IP131 – Silver Machine
IP132 – Hint of Color
IP133 – Hard Nut
IP134 – Neon Life
IP135 – Dream Life
IP136 – Mighty White
IP137 – Golden Sands
IP139 – In The Shade

Give your photos a punchy look, a vintage film effect, a classic style, or powerful black and white effect.

Speed up your photo editing workflow with our preset toolkit crafted to help you improve light, color, contrast, and tone in your photos.

Our passion is putting success in your hands by helping you to take your images to the next level.

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After your file has synced, it will be available in your DOWNLOADS folder. 

Can't find the download? 

1. Open the Creative Cloud desktop application, click the three vertical dots icon in the upper-right, and then select Preferences. 
2. Click Creative Cloud and select Files. 
3. Ensure that File Sync is enabled. 


Lightroom CC Classic >>>

1 Download the presets zip file. Unzip to reveal 4 more zip files, 1 each for each package.
2 Open Lightroom CC Classic and select any image
3 Select the DEVELOP tab
4 Select FILE>Import Develop Profiles and Presets
5 Choose the Zip files for each package and click IMPORT

The presets will then appear in your Lightroom Presets folder.

To see a step-by-step installation video visit https://imagepunk.com/how-to-install-presets-to-lightroom-classic-cc

Lightroom CC (Cloud) >>>

1 From the menu bar, choose File > Import Profiles & Presets.
2 In the Import dialog that appears, browse to the required path and select the downloaded zip file. Then, click Import.
3 The presets will then appear in your Lightroom Presets folder.

To see a step-by-step installation video visit https://imagepunk.com/how-to-install-presets-to-lightroom-cc-cloud/

Any problems with the installation? Please follow the step-by-step videos or contact me by email support@imagepunk.com 

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