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Indie Wedding Presets for Lightroom and ACR

Collection of natural author presets for wedding and portrait photography.

Collection of natural author presets for wedding and portrait photography.


Indie Wedding is a collection of natural author presets for wedding and portrait photography.

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, IW presets for Lightroom and Photoshop (Camera Raw) will speed-up your post-processing and help you get awesome results with a single click. Fully adjustable!

- Beautiful skin tones
- Film-inspired toning
- Pre-made exposure/lighting variations to match different shooting conditions

- 32 presets for Adobe Lightroom
- 32 presets for Adobe Photoshop (Camera Raw xmp)



- Run your Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.
- You will find the ZIP archive (indiewedding_presets.zip) in your local ”Downloads” folder on ”C” drive after receiving the add-on. Unzip this archive to any folder.

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Installation for Lightroom:

1. Download, locate and unpack the ZIP.
2. Open Lightroom and go to Lightroom -> Preferences -> Presets (on Mac) or Edit -> Preferences -> Presets (on Windows).
3. Click on the box: ”Show Lightroom Presets Folder” (on Mac) or go to the Presets tab and click ”Show Lightroom Presets Folder” (on Windows).
4. In the opened window open ”Lightroom” folder and then ”Develop Presets” folder.
5. Copy the presets to Develop Presets folder.
6. Restart Lightroom. Your presets will show in the left panel when in Develop mode. Done!

Installation for Photoshop with Adobe Camera Raw:

1. Download, locate and unpack the ZIP.
2. Place the preset files (.xmp) in the following location:
(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
* Depending on your MacOS version, the Library menu may be hidden. To show it, hold the Option key while selecting the ”Go” menu in the Finder.
(user)\Application Data\Adobe\Camera Raw\Settings
C:\Users\(user)\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Camera Raw\Settings
3. Make sure you only copy the preset files (.xmp) into the ”settings” folder specified above (folders are not supported in Camera Raw).

How to use ACR presets:

1. With RAW files, Camera Raw will launch automatically.
2. With JPEGs, one of the ways to open them in Camera Raw is to launch Photoshop, choose Open As..., select Camera Raw from the file types list and then select the file(s) you want to open.
3. Then the usual Camera Raw dialogue will appear in Photoshop. The Presets tab is a next-to-last tab on the right panel.
4. If you've already copied the presets to the Settings folder (see installation), all of them will appear there.
5. If you haven't, just hit the small menu icon (3 lines) in the top right corner of the panel and select ”Load Settings”. Then browse for the preset to open it from disk. This will load and apply the selected preset, but you'll have to browse for the next one again (so it's better to install all of the presets first).

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact our support:

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