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Utility Script Pack for Bridge

Twelve scripts which extend and add capabilities to Adobe Bridge 2018, 2019, and 2020

Twelve scripts which extend and add capabilities to Adobe Bridge 2018, 2019, and 2020

Utility Script Pack for Bridge is a set of scripts that add functionality to Adobe Bridge. Included are the following:

Batch - Adds the Tools->Photoshop->Batch command to contextual menus

Copy Path - Copies the current file/folder path to the system clipboard

Filename to Title - Writes the filename into the XMP dc:title field

Find in Collections - Finds all collections which include selected file(s) and allows selective removal from those collections

Folder Info - Displays summary info for a selected folder

Folder List Export - Exports a tab-delimited text file of folder contents and selectable file metadata

JPEG MiniExport - Allows export of selected files to JPEG

Keyword Optimizer - Works around a keyword entry bug in Photoshop and Bridge and removes duplicate keywords

Label Bar - displays a label and rating toolbar similar to Lightroom

MultiSearch Plus - allows QuickSearch of multiple terms from a text file without individually typing them in

Text Preview - previews contents of text files and displays information for video files

Utility Pack Preferences Panel - Adds a panel to Bridge Preferences with Utility Pack settings



New Preference panel with easier-to-use layout

Replaced JPEG MultiExport with simplified JPEG MiniExport

Added video info to Text Preview panel

Added multifile search to Find in Collections

Fixed bugs


Script pack will be downloaded to your browser's downloads folder.

To install -

1. Start Bridge

2. Open the Startup Scripts folder

Windows: Edit --> Preferences --> Startup Scripts

Mac: Adobe Bridge --> Preferences --> Startup Scripts

3. Click ”Reveal My Startup Scripts”. This will open the correct folder

4. Delete any scripts from the previous Utility Pack releases as they will conflict with these updates.

5. Copy the entire Utility Script Pack folder into Startup Scripts then close Startup Scripts.

6. Quit and relaunch Bridge.

7. If prompted, confirm the installation of each script.

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