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Skin Beauty Retouch

this is a Retouch the panel, It can quickly Retouch Portrait picture

this is a Retouch the panel, It can quickly Retouch Portrait picture


Important reminder:
If your photoshop version is above 2021, it is recommended to download the latest version here:

Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCIY9PnOnKs
this is a Retouch the panel, It can quickly Retouch person picture, The work is non-destructive, you can go in and edit again on this basis.It's fast to retouch a picture.It's simple and efficient, and it can retouch a picture in a short time. For beginners, it can help you quickly decorate professional pictures.For professionals, it can increase efficiency and save a lot of time.

1).Quick:No need to adjust parameters, One-click generation

2).Retouch1:Used to modify the rough skin of the skin, such as freckles and acne, and optional R / G / B channel operation, the B channel is selected by default, because in most cases, its contrast is most obvious.

3).Retouch2: Drag the slider directly to adjust the skin texture, or select the texture layer and adjust the size of the texture with the slider.

4). Makeup function:
---Creamy Powder
---Soft Skin
---Whitening skin

5). Sharpening:

6).Adjust highlights and shadows, select a highlight or shadow layer, and the slider adjusts its feathering.

7). Multiple skin color presets

8). Lip, teeth, and eye retouching tools

9).Common tools toolbar

10).D&B retouch function:
---D&B Curve
---50% Gray

11).Export Web Preview Image:JPG/PNG

12). Lossless editing

13).Handling Facial Shine

14).Plugin theme automatically matches photoshop theme

15).Automatic skin recognition



Added skin detection function

The panel will be automatically installed by the Creative Cloud app after the purchase.

After the installation, please restart the Creative Cloud App and Photoshop.
Add the new panel via Window>>Extensions>>Skin Beauty Retouch

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