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HSB Color Layers

HSB Channels Converted into Color Layers in RGB

HSB Channels Converted into Color Layers in RGB

The Max Chroma HSB Color Layers Action will duplicate your current document, take a merged composite layer of your document, then convert from RGB to HSB Channels using Photoshop's built-in HSB filter, and then bring these channels over to new layers, switching back to RGB channels and showing the new document with 3 separate layers for Hue, Saturation, and Brightness -- in their original colors using blend modes to create the composite in RGB.

This action helps to make working on a document or layer in a simulated HSB Color Mode possible within Photoshop, fixing the confusing result of the built-in HSB Filter which incorrectly shows the HSB channels while still in RGB color mode. Now you can truly see what the Hue, Saturation, and Brightness look like when composited in RGB layers, allowing all the normal editing and adjustments that layers provide, showing in the correct colors.



-Updated to work without the Optional Multiplugin HSB Filter, now works in CS6 and above

-Changed methods of extracting HSB without using Greyscale Multichannel which were dependent upon Greyscale Color Settings

-Now includes adjustment layers set to the HSB layers

-Fixed action looking for user-specific CS6 preset for black & white action. Now works in all versions CS6 to CC 2019.

.ATN File should be in your default downloads folder, double-click to install if Photoshop is open, or drag-and-drop into Photoshop's actions panel, or place into your Photoshop's default actions folder

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