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Easy install Photoshop Panel giving fast access to 38 Social Image Templates for Social Media Marketing

Easy install Photoshop Panel giving fast access to 38 Social Image Templates for Social Media Marketing


An easy-install panel and actions that generate quick templates for social media images. Social platforms covered are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube and Google Plus. Load the panel and click an image button and your image template appears. Overlay with your own image and resize to fit, then export and publish. Simple!

A great tool if you regularly publish to social media or are involved in social media marketing and traffic generation.




Standard Installation >>>

1. Run Creative Cloud Application 
2. Enable synchronization of files 
3. Restart your Photoshop after installation 
4. Open your Photoshop and go to Window->Extensions->Imagepunk Social 2019 for the panel access. 
5. Restart your computer If you didn't see the panel in your Photoshop. 

To Install this extension using an Extension Install Utility >>>

If you can't install your extension using the CC Desktop App, follow these instructions to download the extension and install it with an Extension Install Utility.

1 Download the .zxp file to your computer's Downloads folder.

2. Go to the free Anastasiy's Extension Manager (or similar utility) - https://install.anastasiy.com/

3. After selecting either the Mac or Windows version of your chosen Extension Install Utility, download it to your computer and follow the installation instructions from the installer, which should be in your Downloads folder.

4. Follow the instructions within the install utility and selecting the extension from your computer's Downloads folder.

Here is a video showing the steps to follow for a manual installation .. http://bit.ly/IPextension

You can read the additional installation instruction by following the link: http://bit.ly/IPinstall

Please contact me if you have problems with downloading or installation of the panel.

E-MAIL FOR SUPPORT: support@imagepunk.com

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