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inRiver Print (Mac) for inRiver 6.3 and CC 2019

Create publications efficiently with automated PIM content in Mac

Create publications efficiently with automated PIM content in Mac

Keep your product information fresh and automatically updated in your print publications and catalogs with the inRiver Print Plug-In.

By using the existing PIM master copy of images, texts, and product attributes directly from your inRiver 6.3, you can expertly speed up your work and eliminate constant proofreading and most errors. Create your publications easily and efficiently in multiple languages, with unlimited creativity, much faster and more accurately than before.

For inRiver 6.3 and CC 2019 (Mac)

NOTE: Contact your inRiver partner for receiving username and server settings.



The inRiver Print plugin has been upgraded to work with inRiver 6.3 and InDesign in CC 2019.

After installation you will find the extension under Window \ Extensions \ inRiverPrint.

If you want to install it manually, follow these steps:

1. Fetch the Command Line Tool. Download it from here: https://partners.adobe.com/exchangeprogram/creativecloud/support/exman-com-line-tool.html
2. Unzip the Command Line Tool zip folder
3. Open a Command Line window as Administrator, and go to the folder you just unzipped
4. Run the following (Mac) command, with proper path and name to the downloaded ZXP: ./ExManCmd --install ”/myfolder/mysubfolder/myfile.zxp”
5. Done. More info: https://helpx.adobe.com/extension-manager/using/command-line.html

To find the extension and to start using it, go to InDesign top menu Window/Extensions and select inRiver Print.

NOTE: you must have an inRiver license and be an approved inRiver user to user for the plug-in to work.

Read more here: http://wiki.inriver.com/wiki/inriver-print-indesign-plugin-1

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