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Actions for Photoshop - Neverland

Actions for Adobe Photoshop for newborn and kids photography

Actions for Adobe Photoshop for newborn and kids photography


The Neverland Actions Collection allows you to create your own photo style! You can create an unlimited number of custom combinations for your images. All actions are layerable, mix and match them to your taste! Improve your portrait photo retouching skills with this pack of 100 Workflow Photoshop Actions!
Follow the link below for downloading the PDF preview album-

Neverland Actions Set contains 3 collections:
1. Neverland Workflow Collection / 50 actions
2. Miracle Lights / 28 action
3. Essential Recipes / 30 actions

Neverland Workflow Collection:

Classic Beauty, Newborn Baby, Cinderella, Fairy Tale, The Jungle Book, Precious Baby, Wonderland, Wonderland, Summertime, Soft Portrait, Little Princess, Ultraviolet, Snow White, Vintage Baby, Retro Elegance, Black&White, Fantasy Background

Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure, Quick Fill Flash, Highlights Recovery, Contrast Booster, Vibrant Colors, Sharpening, Clarity, Soft Focus, Diffuse Glow, Vignette (black or white), Matte Shadows, Matte Finish, Vintage Film Grain

Soft Skin Effect, Perfect Skin Tone, Expressive Eyes, Backlit Skin Brightener, Selective Darkening, Selective Brightening

Cooling / Warming Filter, Shadows Colouring - Wide Range / Narrow Range, Highlights Toning, Midtones Colouring, Colouring Presets - Split Toning / Shadows / Highlights

Sun Flare Effect, Sun Glow Effect, Top Light Haze, Spectrum Vignette

Miracle Lights Collection:
Kingdom Hearts, Ultraviolet, Coral Cove, Be My Valentine, Christmas Lights, Sweet Dreams, Festive Lights, Mermaid Lagoon, Symphony of Lights, Carnival, Northern Lights, Golden Lights, Let It Snow, Fairy Dust.

- The actions within the set load multiple layers allowing you to easily adjust the look of the photo after the action has run, delivering perfect results. Now you can easily add creative look to your photos.
- Step by step instructions are included explaining how to apply content
- Mac OS X and Windows compatible

If you are experiencing problems downloading or using files, please contact us by email - miracle.design.latvia@gmail.com

Copyright © Miracle Design Studio
All Rights Reserved.



Navigate to your ”Downloads” folder. You should find the ”AE_PS_Actions_56018376_Neverland” folder there. It contains the Neverland actions files and PDF preview album. Double click the ”AE_PS_Actions_56018376_Neverland.zip” to extract the files.


Method 1
- Double-click the .atn file(s) of the action (Neverland Workflow Collection / Miracle Lights ...etc).
- Your action should be loaded into the Photoshop Actions Panel automatically.

Method 2
- Open Photoshop and click on the Actions Panel menu button located in the top-right of the Actions Panel. Select ”Load Actions”.
- Select the .atn file(s) (Neverland Workflow Collection /Miracle Lights ...etc) from location where you unpacked your archive to.
- Your action(s) should be loaded into the Photoshop Actions Panel.

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