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Prepress_2019 is an extension that will help you prepare files for printing.

Prepress_2019 is an extension that will help you prepare files for printing.


The extension was created to automate and speed up the work in the printing house. It allows you to easily mark the eyelets on the graphic or weld, add different finishing for each edge of the document individually and automatically save the file to the flattened tiff file format. Thanks to the built-in options you can decide whether the action should be performed for all the open files in Photoshop or only for one of them. Use the option to automatically open multi-page PDF files with the adjusted resolution required for printing. Save files with a single click to a previously selected folder and create reduced previews for your client. At the same time, process files of various sizes and resolutions to speed up your work. Prepress also has a file dividing function. Choose to how many parts should the file be divided to or choose the desired width of the part, add a common tab and automatically mark the passers on the binding of the parts. Customize the extension to your needs using the configuration panel. Change the width of the welds, the colors of the passers, the eyelets, the offset from the edge, the way of cropping PDF files and the compression of the TIFF record.



After installing with the Adobe Desktop app, the panel will be available in Window / Extensions / PREPRESS_2019.

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