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Wire Cage Text and Shape FX

A cool wire cage effect

A cool wire cage effect


Apply a cool wire cage effect to your text, shape and regular layers. The action set contains six variations of the effect



You can find the downloaded zip file(designrocket - wire cage fx.zip) in your Downloads folder.

How to Install
1- Unzip the folder.
2- Expand the ”DesignRocket - WIRE CAGE FX.zip” file
3- Double click the ”DesignRocket-WIRE CAGE.atn” file
4- Double click the ”DesignRocket-WIRE CAGE - Patterns.pat” file

How to Use
1- Open the Actions Panel in Photoshop
2- Navigate to ”DesignRocket - WIRE CAGE” Action set.
3- Select desired action and hit the Play button.

Avoid using small font sizes. Type around 900 pt and shapes around 100 px high gives the best results

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