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BW Presets Mobile + Desktop For Adobe Lightroom

This is a set of professional presets for the Desktop Lightroom, Mobile Lightroom and Camera RAW filter.

This is a set of professional presets for the Desktop Lightroom, Mobile Lightroom and Camera RAW filter.


Bring your photo processing to a new level, take photos for an Instragram or blog in the same style. Get professional photo processing results using the desktop Lightroom, mobile Lightroom or Photoshop. Just enjoy this magic!

The set contains 10 presets (each in XMP, Lrtemplate, DNG formats), detailed video instructions for installation and use.




There is preset pack for:
- Adobe Lightroom 5-7.3
- Adobe Lightroom 7.4+
- Mobile Adobe Lightroom
- Photoshop Camera Raw

1. Run your Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app. Downloading may take some time, please stay calm.
2. The archive with presets will be downloaded to the 'Downloads' folder or the one you selected.
3. Unzip the archive into a folder. Open the product folder, select the appropriate link to the video instruction. Set the presets according to the video.

Installing Presets on Adobe Lightroom CC 2018
1. Open Adobe Lightroom CC 2018
2. Navigate to left sidebar and find ”Presets” tab.
3. Click the ”+” icon.
4. Select ”Import Preset”.
5. Navigate to your downloaded preset files and import it.

Installing Presets on Adobe Lightroom 4-5-6 and classic CC 2017

1. Open Lightroom 4 – 5 – 6 or classic CC.
2. Choose Lightroom > Preferences.
3. Select the Presets tab at the top of the window.
4. Click the button ”Show Lightroom Presets Folder…”.
5. Please open the ”Develop Presets” folder within the new finder window and copy your new Presets into ”Develop Presets”. Please Note: Only copy the Lightroom Presets (filenames ending with .lrtemplate).
6. Please restart Lightroom and your new Presets are ready to use. You'll find all installed Presets within the Develop module, (Preset Section) on the left side.

Installing Presets on Adobe Camera Raw

1. Go to the following location on your computer: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings
2. Leave that window open and go to the location where you unzipped the presets zip file and open the xmp folder
3. You will see a few folders within the xmp folder, select all of them and hit ctrl+C to copy them
4. Go back to the other window where you have the Settings folder open, and hit ctrl+V to paste all the folders inside
5. Now you should have the Contrastly preset folders inside the Settings folder
Launch Photoshop, then ACR, and enjoy!

Installing Presets on Mobile Adobe Lightroom

1. Download DNG files directly to your phone.
2. Open the Lightroom app and create a new album and go to Add Photos and select all the DNG files from your camera roll and add them to the album.
3. Open the image with the preset marked as ”RAW”, tap the menu at the top right and choose ”Copy Settings”.
4. You can clarify exactly what settings you want to copy.
5. Then select a photo and paste the settings also using the menu.

You can create your own library and save selected presets:
1. Open the first file, tap on the menu icon at the top right of the screen and then tap on ”Create Preset”.
2. To use your new presets just go back into your library and open any photo you'd like to edit.
3. Find the Presets icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen and tap on it and select one of the saved presets.


- Lightroom 5-7.3 Demo Video (Lrtemplate) http://bndl.cat/LRtemplate
- Lightroom 7.4+ Demo Video (XMP) http://bndl.cat/LR-XMP
- Photoshop Camera Raw Demo Video (XMP) http://bndl.cat/XMP-Photoshop

If you have any problems with installation process check this thread https://www.adobeexchange.com/resources/19

Сontact me at hello@graphicspirit.net


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