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Tiler is a Photoshop extension for tiling textures and creating seamless textures. Fast and easy to use.

Tiler is a Photoshop extension for tiling textures and creating seamless textures. Fast and easy to use.


Tiler is a Photoshop extension for tiling textures and creating seamless textures. Fast and easy to use.

- Tile texture fast and easy across entire document or just within a selection.
- Create brick walls, wooden floors, ceramic tiles, pavement, etc.
- Better quality for scaled textures compared to Photoshop's default Pattern Fill.
- Create seamless textures from almost any image (flatten uneven lighting, remove seams).
- Remove visible patterns that sometimes occur when tiling seamless textures.
- Torn edges to achieve worn out look.
- Optimized for fast performance.
- Pixel perfect result.
- Does not reduce Photoshop's performance over time as ”Patterns” do (see this link for more info: https://helpx.adobe.com/be_en/photoshop/kb/optimize-photoshop-cc-performance.html).

Panel UI Controls

- Tiling Method: Tiler, Pattern Fill and Grid. Tiler and Pattern Fill are used for tiling a single texture across the document. Tiler produces better overall quality and Pattern Fill is a faster in some situations. Grid tiling method can tile multiple selected layers and has 9 built-in pattern grids to pick from.
- Texture Variation: can be achieved by randomizing hue, saturation and lightness of the selected layers or when using a Grid tiling method.
- Merge Group: gives the option to merge the group after the tiling is complete (available only in Grid tiling method).
- HighPass: (50, 100, 150) equalizes the image lighting. The value of 100 is good for most of the images.
- Patch Size: (1 - 50%) is a relative value to the image size and represents how big the patch will be to remove the seams.
- Patch Shape: Regular or Random. Regular shape looks like a cross and it is generally doing a good job when removing the seams but sometimes it can leave a noticeable cross after the patch has been applied so there is a new option available. Random shape sometimes does a better job, especially with the organic and irregular textures such as grass, ground, pebbles.
- Torn Edges: is used to achieve the worn out look of the textures. User can specify two parameters: Roughness and Contrast.
- Remove Visible Patterns: is used to remove the repeatable patterns that sometimes occur when tiling a seamless texture. User can specify two parameters: Number of Iterations and Rotation Angle. Number of Iterations: how many layers will be created when removing the visible patterns (min. 1 - max 10.). The higher the number the better the result but it takes a little bit more time to complete. Rotation Angle: (min. 0 - max. 90) means how each layer will be rotated.
- Undo and Redo buttons. Easily go backward and forward to fine tune the result.



Tiler v3.0.3 (October 2020)
- Fixed visual bug when pressing the up or down arrow keys on the keyboard on the ”Patch Size” slider and going beyond the defined range. Now the range is properly defined within the arrow keys and they can't go beyond it.


Window > Extensions > BBTools Tiler

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