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Uni Responsive Template

Quick, easy to customize and affordable website template

Quick, easy to customize and affordable website template


Designed with a multiple fluid grid layout, this template can be used for a website that will look amazing on a desktop, phone or other devices. Its simple visually oriented layout illustrates how website will look like and can be customized easily.

Required DMXzone extensions:
*Universal CSS Navigation Menu
*HTML5 Slideshow
*DMXzone Google Maps
*Google Maps Drawing Add-on
You need to have the required extensions installed in Dreamweaver in order to install the template!



Version 1.0.2
Improved DW12.1 install
Optimized CSS for faster loading
CSS comments added for easier customization
Required DMXzone Extensions updated to their latest versions

Once you install the template file in the Extension Manager you need to define a new site in Dreamweaver. If you have already defined one it needs to be empty.To apply the template to the new site, go to the Insert menu -> DMXzone templates -> Universal Responsive template

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