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960 Grid System 2.0

Quick and easy add a 960 CSS Grid for most flexible web site design

Quick and easy add a 960 CSS Grid for most flexible web site design

With the 960 Grid System Dreamweaver Extension you can quick and easy add a 960 CSS Grid for most flexible web site design! Just add as many rows and cells as you need for your header, content, sidebars or footer. The extension gives you the tools to add new CSS Grid Cells, increase or decrease their size, split or join cells and much more with just a single action click. All the counting of grid cell sizes and placement, that is needed for the 960 Grid System is done automatically for you!

Also in Dreamweaver Design View there are special visual aid tools that show outlines for the grid and cells so you can see them during your web site design work in Dreamweaver.



Version 2.0.0
Extended grid columns support! Next to the support for mixed 12 and 16 column grids, now the extension also supports standalone 12, 16 and even 24 column grids
New and improved Dreamweaver Design View! Now the grid cells and containers are highlighted on hover and easily selectable by their new tab label (only DW CS3+). The tab label also contains the number of columns a cell or containers spans
Full support for Right-to-Left Text alignment. Now available as option on the property inspector of any 960 Grid container
Improved CSS Reset file to meet the latest web standards
Improved the default text CSS typography
New Grid Cells are now inserted empty i.e. there is no default ”cell content:” text in them
Improved Property Inspector Icons
Automatic update dependent files on page open
Improved dependent file copy and include process

You can access the extension from the DMXzone Object bar and then click the ”960 Grid System 2.0” icons or from the Insert/DMXzone Menu.

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