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Pixelsplasher Batch Smart Layer Replace

Turn Photoshop into a mock-up generator. Batch replace plus auto-transform one or more smart layer contents and export each replacement job to a file.

Turn Photoshop into a mock-up generator. Batch replace plus auto-transform one or more smart layer contents and export each replacement job to a file.


Process multiple image files and have each replace the content of one or more smart layers. The outputs can be saved to a folder as JPG, PSD, PNG, or TIFF.

Demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSa1l9XlOAU

F E A T U R E S:

Replace warped smart content perfectly with the ”Edit Contents” mode

All warps--including perspective warp, all smart filters, all layer effects are applied to the replacement image, perfectly aligned in place of the original image.

Proportionally transform all smart layers with same content

Scans for other smart layers using the same content as the starting smart layer and relatively auto-scales them as well

Auto resize to crop, fit or custom size options

Additional size offset adjustment can be made. There's also a ”stretch to fit” option if keeping the aspect ratio is not an issue.

Horizontal and vertical alignment

Relative to the smart layer dimension, auto-align horizontally to left, center or right and vertically to top, middle or bottom.

Replace textures on 3D layers

With the 3D Layer add-on (sold separately) and the Job Queue add on (sold separately), replace more than one texture on a 3D layer or on another 3D layer.

Transparent image support

Transparent replacement images appear transparent in the export. There is also an option to have transparent areas trimmed out.

Use it on multiple smart layers

With the Job Queue add on (sold separately), before running the script, other replacement jobs can be set on other smart layers. This allows replacement of multiple mock up objects in a PSD.

Use the same replacement jobs on multiple PSD files

With the Job Targets add on (sold separately), one or more smart layer replace jobs can be run on a batch of Photoshop files, targeting same-name smart layer contents or whatever smart layers are available.

Export each layer comp separately

With the Job Queue add on (sold separately), any layer comps in the Photoshop file can be optionally exported separately, with the layer comp names appended to the exported file names.

Different export file formats

Aside from JPG or just PSD, you can export to PNG, TIFF or WEBP.

Tile as pattern

Automatically generate a pattern out of your replacement images tiled according to alignment and scale settings.

Backward-compatible down to Adobe Photoshop CS5

Can be manually installed and used in old non-subscription versions of Adobe Photoshop



• Photoshop 2022 compatibility update.

Batch Smart Layer Replace 2021--User Guide.pdf

If installing from the zxp file, do not use Adobe Extensions Manager which was discontinued since 2014, to install the zxp
file. Use any of the following Adobe extension installers:

Electron Adobe ZXPInstaller, an open source Adobe extension
installer from zxpinstaller.com
ExManCmd command-line tool from Adobe

You may watch video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF1bGtA5-yA as an easy guide to the next installation steps described below.

After acquiring the extension from Adobe Exchange or installing from the zxp file, navigate to the following folder:

WindowsC:\Users\[Windows Username]\Downloads

Find the following zip file and extract it:

• pixelsplasher-batch-smart-layer-replace_4.21.0928.zip

Find the following zxp file that was extracted from the zip and install it:


After installing from the zxp file, navigate to the following folder:

WindowsC:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC [Version Year]/Presets/Scripts
Mac--/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC [Version Year]/Presets/Scripts

And check if the following file were successfully installed in the ”Pixelsplasher Scripts Only” folder:

• [folder] Pixelsplasher Scripts Only
• Replace Smart Content.jsx

If the files that should have been installed are missing, manually extract them from the zxp by the following ways:

• Rename the .zxp file extension to .zip and open the file with the associated zip extraction program
• Right click the zxp file and open with any zip extraction program like 7zip or Winrar

Then copy the extracted files to the Presets > Scripts directory. For Adobe Photoshop CS5 to CS6, copy ”Replace Smart Content-CS6.jsx” instead of ”Replace Smart Content.jsx”.

To access Pixelsplasher Batch Smart Layer Replace, select a smart layer, then click on the menu:

• Adobe Photoshop CC 2015-CC 2021: File > Export > Smart Layer Replace...
• Adobe Photoshop CS5-CS6: File > Automate > Smart Layer Replace...

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