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MASV For Premiere Pro

The MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro is the fastest & most reliable way to transfer time-critical files & projects to clients and partners.

The MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro is the fastest & most reliable way to transfer time-critical files & projects to clients and partners.

Video editors, filmmakers & post production teams who need to transfer large (20GB+) video files choose MASV for fast & reliable on-time deliveries.

The MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro streamlines the process of client delivery and remote project collaboration by enabling file transfer directly from Premiere with a few clicks.

MASV is a simple, cloud-based, pay-as-you-go file delivery service. Ultra-fast, convenient and easy to use, without the need for complex IT solutions (common with conventional server-based transfer tools).

Key Features of the Adobe® Premiere® Pro Extension

Upload Support - Upload projects, sequences, files and folders from within Premiere Pro. The MASV Panel retries aggressively, sending your files successfully even in poor networking conditions.

Export & Send - Export projects to any Adobe® Media Encoder export preset, then send, in one easy process. Favourite export formats can be stored for quick use on future uploads.

Automated Deliveries - When exporting to Media Encoder, choose to automatically upload and send after rendering. Alternatively, review exports before upload.

Monitor Progress - Monitor export & transfer progress, plus upload performance stats, in real time.

Notifications - Send transfer notifications via email & Slack. www.massive.io/slack

Password Protection - Secure deliveries with a password. Transfers are encrypted at rest and in flight.

Extended Storage - Every MASV Transfer includes a 10-day delivery window. Use the MASV Panel to extend deliveries for the duration of your project starting from $0.10/GB/month.

Control Downloads - Set download limits to protect sensitive content and manage transfer costs.

Manage and Track Deliveries - Link to the MASV web app at www.massive.io for a complete history of file deliveries, pay-as-you-go billing tracking and much more.

More about MASV

MASV provides the fastest and most reliable way for video professionals to transfer time critical, massive (20GB+) files by maxing out transfer speeds in most locations around the world. It harnesses an accelerated network of 160 servers to send, receive and track huge video files, from anywhere in the world, on time. MASV offers pay-as-you-go pricing, making it an ideal solution for video and creative professionals whose requirements may vary from month to month. Its easy-to-use interface means anyone can use it without training or tutorials. Put simply, MASV is large file delivery, solved.

Video Professionals Love MASV!

”(MASV) is the easiest thing ever. It's just the best.”
Casey Schendel, Founder and Head of Production, Think Out Loud Studio

”Audi is one of the worlds most cutting edge brands and we only work with the best vendors to make that happen. MASV allows us to reliably and quickly deliver our content worldwide.”
Nicholas Kleczewski
Video Creative Director at Audi of America

”I've been using MASV all month. It allowed me to go on vacation with my family and still service clients. I just collaborated with a VFX house across the country using MASV. Overall MASV has improved the post process and made my life easier.”
David Dessel
Metaphor Pictures

”My process for delivering files to clients before MASV was fractured. It was a combination of a lot of different tools to achieve one end result. After MASV, we were able to use one tool to achieve that same result.”
Garrett Sergeant
CTO, SimpleDCP

”For us it was a big deal that [MASV] was just a per GB charge. Per GB we can charge on to our clients with a markup. With Aspera their minimum bandwidth usage was quite large and the cost per GB was very high. Finally, someone is doing accelerated file transfers that are not ridiculously expensive.”
Peter Zarcoli
Managing Director
West Digital Post Production

”It's Good, It's Fast and It Works!”
Zeb Chadfield
The Finish Line



Version 1.0.1 is a minor update, adjusting the render preset list in order to show all presets (including custom presets). The extension also now displays a version number to help you confirm you up to date.

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