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Make Photos Laser Engraving Ready

Make Photos Laser Engraving Ready


With EngravePhotos turn easily a photo into stylized engraving. In BlackWhite the image generated can be used for real engraving.

Many Controls and outmost Quality....
Turn a photo into a black and white engrave plate that you can send to a laser engraving machine

Multiple settings :
- Change engraving style : Lines/ Dots/ Square
- Adjust the size of the engraving for a total different effects
- Control the direction of the engraving
- Control waves, repetition and amplitude...
- Use original photo as background and superimpose engraving.
- Use a texture (your own or one of the dozens provided) as background and superimpose/blend engraving.
- Adjust brightness and create different kind of engraving from light to medium to dark
- Contrast your original photo for a different rendering
- Colorized, the engraving comes with colored lines of your choice



1/ Relaunch Photoshop
2/ Open an RGB Image
3/ under Filters, launch HumanSoftware>EngravePhotos
4/ Enter serial number provided per e mail at order time

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