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Wedia Digital Asset Management and Web-to-Print

Wedia Digital Asset management and Web-to-Print connector

Wedia Digital Asset management and Web-to-Print connector

This plugin allow graphic designers and studios to connect to the Wedia Digital Asset and Web-to-Print system to create, modify, reuse Images and Adobe InDesign documents stored in the system. Studios can also prepare Web-to-Print templates and snippets.

Connect to your Wedia Digital Asset management servers, or request an account using the ”Signup” option in the login panel (Accounts are being reviewed by administrators, so expect a normal time before your account is activated).

Create dynamic layout documents using the Dylation panel, to create dynamic constraints.

Prepare web-to-print documents using our Wedia tagging system, and export .wedia archives as templates in your Wedia web-to-print server.



Support for the Apple Silicon architecture

In Adobe Indesign, all features are grouped in a dedicated Wedia menu. In Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, they can be found under the Window > Extensions or Window > Extensions (legacy) menu, in the Wedia DAM menu item.