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Layer Comps Add-On for Batch Smart Layer Replace

Auto-export selected layer comps after smart layer content replacements.

Auto-export selected layer comps after smart layer content replacements.


Although you are able to export all layer comps as an option in the Job Queue add-on (sold separately) to the Pixelsplasher Smart Layer Replace extension (sold separately), the addition of Layer Comps add-on allows you to:

• exclude any layer comp from getting exported or selectively export any of the layer comps;
• pre-select layer comps to export before running the Smart Layer Replace extension and change your selection later in the Layer Comps tab



This add-on requires the following extensions to be installed first:

• Pixelsplasher Batch Smart Layer Replace Basic

• Job Queue Add-on for Batch Smart Layer Replace

Layer Comps Add-on--User Guide.pdf

After acquiring the extension from Adobe Exchange or installing from the zxp file, navigate to the following folder:

WindowsC:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop CC [Version Year]/Presets/Scripts
Mac--/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC [Version Year]/Presets/Scripts

And check if the following file were successfully installed in the ”Pixelsplasher Scripts Only” folder:

• LayerCompsSelect.jsx

To access the Layer Comps add-on script, select a smart layer and click on:

File > Export > Smart Layer Replace... > (Add input files) > Queue button > Layer Comps tab

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