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Tellyo for Adobe Premiere

Tellyo is an advanced, cloud-based video editing, clipping, production and distribution platform.

Tellyo is an advanced, cloud-based video editing, clipping, production and distribution platform.

Tellyo is an advanced, cloud-based video editing, clipping, production and distribution platform. It is used by professional video creatives globally to work remotely on live productions, create live streams, and clip from live streams to further publish/distribute videos to benefit audience discovery and reach.

For Adobe Premiere Pro, the Tellyo panel brings live video editing capabilities, extended content distribution and provides immediate access to clips from live broadcasters, events or VOD assets created in Tellyo for your Adobe users.

By pairing the live cloud-based capabilities of Tellyo directly with the creative power of Premiere Pro and the wider Adobe suite, the Tellyo extension removes the barriers and challenges of uploading and transferring files for teams working on live events, as live assets, feeds and the archive from Tellyo are immediately available to Adobe users with a Tellyo Pro account.

• Combine live remote access to Tellyo content, with the power and creativity of Adobe.
• Instantly access to live clips, streamed content and an event's archive for Adobe users.
• Search the archive for highlight production, while original recorded content is made instantly available to extract fill content and missing highlights instantly.
• Enjoy greater team collaboration across Adobe and Tellyo Pro live and in real-time.
• Publish content directly to digital, social and the Tellyo Talent app from inside Adobe, whilst maintaining branding, rights, embargos, overlays and Pre/Post bumpers.
• Share files between Adobe and Tellyo Pro galleries for use in and for users working on specific projects.

About Tellyo:

Already trusted to empower digital and social content teams globally, Tellyo enables you to easily create both engaging short-from videos from live content and entire live streamed productions, for distribution across digital and social media channels. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

• Get remote live access to content for multiple teams with differentiated rights.
• Create content in real-time for social channels from live content and publish to multiple digital and social channels with one click.
• Restream live content to social media and other destinations simultaneously.
• Make videos more engaging by adding bumpers, overlays, audio, aspect ratios and other effects.
• Distribute content to sponsors, partners and journalists instantly.
• Control who can access video content and how can they use it
• Monetise content with branded pre and post rolls.
• Maximise promotional, advertising and sponsorship opportunities both within Tellyo and via our partner-level social media integrations.
• Add another dimension to productions, with Stream Studio, the cloud-based live video production suite from Tellyo.
• Within Stream Studio, produce live streams from clean feeds and VOD assets, while adding live dynamic graphics as well as including guest presenters and commentary.

”Tellyo gives us the speed of deployment we require, and the reliability and strength of its streams are outstanding. The team has helped us immensely by developing adaptations within their infrastructure to meet our streaming requirements for all destinations” – David Stranks, Executive Producer Digital at Sunset+Vine.



- 'Gallery' tab replaced with new 'Folders' tab offering enhanced filtering options
- Volume controls in Tellyo player
- Redesigned In and Out handles
- Save credentials for Tellyo extension
- Few bugs fixes and small improvements

Tellyo Pro extension is available under Window/Extensions from main menu.