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Sketch and Engrave

Convert your photos into artistic sketches and engravings, in B&W or color.

Convert your photos into artistic sketches and engravings, in B&W or color.


The product is a bundle that contains two sets: the ”SKETCH” and the ”ENGRAVE” Photoshop actions. You'll create some of the best B&W and color sketches in Photoshop, as well as engraved versions of your photos.

• Excellent sketch rendition, particularly of dark areas, compared to other products.
• Each action products 2 different versions (Photoshop images).
• The actions do not use extra patterns and brushes that take up precious RAM.
• 2 products in 1 bundle: great value for money!

The Sketch actions use a combination of tools (filters, vectors, alpha channels) to convert your photos into B&W and color sketches. The action produces two different, customizable sketch versions. The first version is richer in details, therefore more appropriate for portrait photos. The second version has fewer strokes and is more suitable for images of buildings, cars, etc.

These actions create two different engraved versions of your original photo, with waved and straight lines respectively. You can colorize the engraved version or apply a single color overlay.

If you want to test the effects, you may send two JPG or PNG photos to the email address info@panosfx.com. The photos should be larger than 3 Megapixels (e.g. 2000 x 1500 pixels). The filesize of each photo should be up to 5 Megabytes. We will process your photos and we'll email you back the results.

• To download the PDF User Guide, click the 'Notes & Docs' tab on this page.
• Please contact us at info@panosfx.com if you need any help installing/using the files, or if you have any questions. We'll get back to you at the earliest possible.

CARTOONS & POP ART: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.100525.cartoons-and-pop-art.html
JIGSAW PUZZLES: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.100604.2d-and-3d-jigsaw-puzzles.html
MOCKUPS: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.107683.mockups-for-adobe-photoshop.html
SKETCH & ENGRAVE: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.103635.sketch-and-engrave.html
VECTOR ART: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.101164.vector-art-for-adobe-photoshop.html
BIG PICTURES: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.107680.big-pictures-polaroid-collages.html
CRYSTAL BALLS & BUBBLES: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.106778.crystal-balls-n-bubbles.html
FILMSTRIP EFFECTS: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.100675.filmstrip-effects-for-adobe-photoshop.html
IMPOSSIBLE PHOTOS: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.102767.impossible-photos.html
HANDHELD FAN: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.107676.hand-fan.html
REFLECTIONS: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.2917.reflections-in-photoshop.html


User Guide - SKETCH.pdf
User Guide - ENGRAVING.pdf

Where is the product zip file located:
Navigate to your ”Downloads” folder. You should find the ”PanosFX-SKETCH.zip” file there. You may have to restart your computer, for the download to complete.
Note: If you still can't find the product zip file, please contact us at info@panosfx.com providing the receipt you received as a proof of your purchase. We will email you the files as soon as possible, together with the installation instructions.

Unzip the file. This will create a folder called ”PanosFX-SKETCH” that contains the action files: ”PFx Sketch.atn” and ”PFx Engrave.atn”

Loading the actions in Photoshop:
Method 1:
• Double-click the atn file; the actions will be loaded automatically into the Actions Panel.
Note: If the Actions Panel is not visible, select ”Window > Actions” in Photoshop's menu.

Method 2:
• Open Photoshop and go to the Actions Panel.
• Click the panel's menu button (at the top-right panel corner) and select ”Load Actions” from the pop-up menu.
• Navigate inside the ”PanosFX-SKETCH” folder and load the atn file; the actions will be loaded automatically into the Actions Panel.

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