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Instantly reduce the bloating of your Adobe InDesign document file size with Metafix!

Instantly reduce the bloating of your Adobe InDesign document file size with Metafix!

Have you ever noticed your Adobe InDesign document getting crazy bigger every time you save it? And we mean way bigger than it should be with just a few new images or text frames added?

This shocking jump in file size is called bloating and usually comes down to your document holding on to redundant metadata called ancestry data. Metafix is a game-changer!

In just a couple of clicks, Metafix strips out all that old data and stops your files getting bloated. It frees up a ton of space on your document and keeps it fast, responsive and optimised for everyone who is connected to it.

Metafix runs natively within your InDesign document and appears when you open or save it - or both. Bloated files are automatically detected and listed in a simple interface, allowing you to select and fix them right there by cutting the unneeded data clean out in one fast action.

You'll be amazed at how much files shrink and productivity rockets!

Get Metafix today.



Welcome to version 1 of Metafix, the free and easy way to remove all the redundant metadata in your InDesign document and reduce the file size.

Enjoy faster, more productive publishing, especially when sharing documents with team members.

Once installed, Metafix scans your documents automatically when you open or save your document to identify any bloating that can be rectified. You can change this if you prefer using the Preferences. You can also run Metafix at any time using the menu bar option at the top.

1. Download and install the Metafix plugin from this page
2. Once installed, open Adobe InDesign
3. Metafix appears in the top menu bar

If you have any issues installing an extension using the standard instructions above, please use Adobe's alternative install method. To do this, visit your My Exchange page https://www.adobeexchange.com/my-exchange.html, click on the 'Install issues?' link to the right, then follow the instructions to install it using an Extension Install Utility. If you're still getting stuck, email asupport@adobe.com for help!

If you have any general user questions for Metafix, email support@oppolis.com.

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