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Mat and Frame

Photoshop actions to make digital mat and frame.

Photoshop actions to make digital mat and frame.


This action set is very useful for photographers, professionals or hobbyists, and even for regular users. It will be saving your time to make a digital mat/frame of your photos. The actions set are intended to make digital mat/frame of a photo or batch processing a series of photos for web display purposes only. They're not intended to be used for printing purposes.

If you are displaying/selling fine art photos, it's better to show them in a matted and framed format. Viewers/customers can imagine how the photo will appear when hanging on their wall. For regular users who know how to use Photoshop and want to buy a fine art or any photo, they can use this action to see how the plain photo will look once matted and framed before deciding to buy.

The actions set can produce hundreds of combinations between mat/frame/style/width/type on any color. Foreground color will be used as frame color, the background color will be used as mat color. You can make single/double/triple mat, thin/medium/big mat, inside/outside mat, white/black/cream core mat, weighted mat, plain/textured mat. 6 frame styles are provided. You can also make mat-only or frame-only with a canvas effect for your photo.

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Compatibility with the latest version of Photoshop

Once you purchased, the install button will be appeared. Hit the button to install. You'll be directed to Creative Cloud App on your computer. The Mat and Frame would be listed there Then hit Install button again. Open Photoshop, go to Actions Panel to use it..

If you can't install it automatically, go to https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud/install-instructions.104149.html and download the file manually. Extract the zxp file using 3rd party software e.g. 7Zip (https://www.7-zip.org/). From the extracted folder you will find the zip file, then unzip it. Open Photoshop, go to Actions Panel and load the MAT and FRAME.atn file you've just unzipped.

Still have an issue? Drop me an email so I can send the file directly. Contact me via my profile, don't forget to enclose your purchase receipt.

Further instructions are available in the actions set, play the READ ME actions inside.

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