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Batch Replace PSD Text and Images

Batch Replace PSD Template Text and Images

Batch Replace PSD Template Text and Images


This is an extension that can replace psd template text and pictures in batches with data. The data format supports excel and csv. How to do it:

1). Create an excel or csv file on your computer
2). Open the psd template, copy the name of the text or picture layer that needs to be replaced to excel or csv, and enter the content that needs to be replaced. For specific input specifications, please see the picture example. The number of replacement layers is not limited, in theory it can be unlimited.
3). In the case of opening the psd template, enable the extension, select the data file (excel and csv), select the save path, and then run, will eventually export multiple psd files



The panel will be automatically installed by the Creative Cloud app after the purchase.

After the installation, please restart the Creative Cloud App and Photoshop.
Add the new panel via Window>>Extensions>>Batch template by data

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