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Resp Halloween Template

Quick, easy to customize and affordable website template

Quick, easy to customize and affordable website template


The Responsive Halloween Design template is designed for any desktop and mobile browser, and is the perfect solution if you want to display your page on various devices. It can be customized fairly easy for any product/service website. The images are only used to show an idea of what you can do with it.

Required DMXzone extensions:
*DMXzone Responsive Text
*Universal CSS Navigation Menu
*HTML5 Slideshow
*DMXzone Google Maps

You need to have the required extensions installed in Dreamweaver in order to install the template!



Once you install the template file in the Extension Manager you need to define a new site in Dreamweaver. If you have already defined one it needs to be empty.To apply the template to the new site, go to the Insert menu -> DMXzone templates ->Responsive Halloween template

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