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Beaty Eye Kit

This is a Photoshop panel to beauty eyes.

This is a Photoshop panel to beauty eyes.


This is a Photoshop panel to beauty eyes. . It support batch processing., which includes the following steps:
1) Open all the photos to be applied with BrightEye
2) Click ”Refresh” button to get all the opened photos
3) Choose all or some of these photos
4) Click ”Bright Eyes” button to do a batch of applying Oil Paint effect
5) Optionally, you can click ”Bright Eyes (Customize)” to customize per photo.

1) Save the photo as you wish and please not forget to backup the original photos.

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Locate the ”Beaty Eye” add-on, and click the button to begin installation.
Once installation is complete, you will see ”Bright Eye” Panel add-on appear inside the Windows>Extensions menu from within your CC applications.

If the add-on neither can be installed Adobe Add-ons store nor Adobe Extension Manager, please contact falling.feather.adobe.addon@gmail.com directly

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