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Smart Shooter 4 Tethering Plug-in (Win)

Fast, stable tethering connection with SONY and Nikon – seamlessly integrated with Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Fast, stable tethering connection with SONY and Nikon – seamlessly integrated with Adobe Lightroom Classic.


Enhance your tethering experience into Adobe Lightroom Classic using the Smart Shooter 4 plug-in. Expand on native Lightroom tethering capabilities with the following key features:

- Tether your Sony camera directly into Lightroom.
- Enhance your tethering experience with full camera control of shutter, aperture, ISO and more
- Eliminate watch folders to speed up image transfer
- Maintain the same Lightroom workflow with Sessions, Cataloging and Metadata
- Continue to work with and apply all of your Lightroom presets when images are ingested.
- Backup your files to the camera card using Nikon cameras while tethering
- Experience the industry's fastest, most reliable tethering with stable image transfer connections.
- Multi-camera connectivity: Toggle between cameras in Lightroom, or control all the cameras simultaneously from Smart Shooter 4.
- Enable Lightroom Presets: Using the plug-in, images are immediately imported into Lightroom libraries allowing you to apply presets in realtime. This saves you time compared to alternative solutions that requires use of watch folders.
- Advanced Tethering Features: Direct your tethered session directly from Smart Shooter to take advantage of its advanced tethering features including multi-loupe view, automated scripts, increased camera controls and more while still instantly transferring images to Lightroom.
- Smart Shooter 4 PRO: Available PRO plug-in also gives you access to features including TTL barcode/QR code reader, multi-camera control, custom scripts and API access.

Smart Shooter 4 provides tethered capture for most SONY and Nikon cameras, providing speed, performance and advanced camera control for your tethering needs.

Note to all users: Plug-in purchase includes a full version of SmartShooter 4.

Note to Canon users: Plug-in purchase includes a full version of SmartShooter 4 which can be used to tether with your Canon camera and then transfer images to Lightroom via watch folders. Tether Tools and Adobe are working together to enable full plug-in support for Canon in soon.



Initial release of Smart Shooter 4 Plug-in for Lightroom Classic.

Lightroom Classic PlugIn Installv3.pdf


The plugin will auto-install into the modules folder of Lightroom Classic.

Once the plug-in is installed successfully, you will find the plug-in in the Lightroom Classic Plug-in Manager window.

To initiate, open the Plug-in Manager window, select ”File” -> ”Plug-in Manager” from the Lightroom Classic menu.

In the Plugin Manager enable Smart Shooter and disable Nikon. If you want to use the native Lightroom Classic tethering for Nikon, do not disable Nikon Tether Plugin and do not enable the Smart Shooter Plugin. To avoid tethering communication conflicts only have one tethering plugin enabled at a time.

To start Tethering begin your tethered capture session the same way you normally do in Lightroom Classic. The SmartShooter4 Plugin will automatically activate. Select ”File” -> ”Tethered Capture” -> ”Start Tethered Capture” from the Lightroom menu.

The first time you launch tethering in Lightroom Classic you will be prompted to register your license.

Check your email for a separate email sent to you with the activation code; enter your license where prompted.

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