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eMAM Panel for After Effects

Graphics management made easy!

Graphics management made easy!

With our built-in panel in the Adobe After Effects, eMAM can now make graphics a part of a complete integrated workflow, including collaboration between editors and non-editors. eMAM supports the entire life cycle of digital assets: ingest, search, review, annotate, comment, human and AI tag, approve, deliver, share, archive and restore, based on over 80 best-in-breed technology partners.
• Advanced Search & Browse Features: Find media using metadata, custom tags or AI generated tags.
• Streamlined Access to Cloud Storage: Access your media in S3 buckets directly from the panel.
• Remote Workflow Support: Launch an entire remote workflow through eMAM.
• Immediate Imports: Connect and import full resolution media instantly.
• Collaboration Tools: Request a review of your work and view all markers and sub-clips made in the web interface.
• 360 Degree Project & Media Management: Ensure you are always working on the latest version of your project.
• Available Worldwide: Acquire eMAM and the panel from anywhere around the world

Download the panel and follow the instructions to get started with eMAM! Whatever your workflow needs, you're in control!


Release Notes eMAM Version 5.2.pdf

1. In the Adobe Add-ons web browser window, search and find ”eMAM Panel for Adobe After Effects” and then click the button ”Free”.
2. Make sure Creative Cloud Desktop App is installed and logged in with the same user account you had used for accruing the eMAM panel.
3. Once the panel is installed, navigate to the Adobe After Effects-> Windows-> Extensions -> eMAM 5.3.1
4. Type the eMAM user id and password to login to the panel.
5. Please use the ”Change URL” option to point the eMAM Panel to your local eMAM Workgroup or Enterprise instance.

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