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ProStacker CEP

Layer version control. For Photoshop 2018 - 2020.

Layer version control. For Photoshop 2018 - 2020.

This extension is for Photoshop versions 2018 to 2020. For users of Photoshop 2021 and upwards there is a newer version of ProStacker available here:



On the surface, ProStacker is a tool to combine multiple image files into a single Photoshop document. However, dig a little deeper and you'll see that ProStacker revolutionises the Photoshop experience.

The core to ProStacker's power is its innovative per layer metadata technology. This enables unprecedented automation of Photoshop tasks, all accessed through a clean and modern UI.

Per Layer Metadata

With ProStacker, every Photoshop layer created is embedded with its source file's metadata.

This information is accessed via the ProStacker window, allowing anyone working with a Photoshop document to quickly identify the location and details its embedded images.

This makes the process of picking up someone else's Photoshop file far simpler, meaning less time searching for files, and more time creating beautiful images.

Layer Grouping

Group your layers in a flash using ProStacker's automated Name Fragment or Metadata based algorithms.

Grouping by Name Fragment lets you define text based criteria to organise layers along with choosing which layers are to be used as a mask for their parent folders. This is perfect for arranging CG renders as seen in the animated example.

Grouping by Metadata uses ProStacker's Per Layer Metadata information to categorise layers. Select from common Exif tags, or enter your own custom metadata term.

Replace Layers

By accessing per layer metadata, ProStacker is able to replace the content of normal and smart object layers. These replacement methods come in 3 types:

Reload replaces selected layers with the files pointed to in their metadata values. This is useful if the source file of a layer has been modified, and the layer needs to reflect that change.

Repath let's you update selected layers with files of the same name in different folder. This is ideal for swapping CG renders for newer versions.

Replace swaps selected layers for a user specified file.

Load Files As

Going beyond simply loading files as normal layers, ProStacker enables you to stack files as Smart Objects and Linked Smart Objects.

Loading files as Smart Objects in combination with ProStacker's automated layer replacement features opens up powerful new workflow options in Photoshop.

Set Destination

Save yourself endless duplication of layers between documents with ProStacker's Destination setting.

When stacking files simply choose if you'd like them as a new document or added to the current document.

Set Timer

Files or folders can be selected as inputs for ProStacker, with the contents of folders being evaluated when the stacking process begins.

If images will later be added to a folder, you can set a timer to delay the stacking operation until that moment.

This is ideal for CG scenes submitted to a render farm. If your renders will finish overnight, then before locking the computer for the evening, set the timer on ProStacker and leave it to stack the files in the morning.

You'll return the next day to a beautifully grouped and metadata tagged Photoshop file.



v1.03 - Removed warning messages during Reload, Repath and Replace layer operations.


Windows > Extensions > ProStacker

Please note that in some versions of Photoshop, extension panels can't open behind the start screen.

If you open ProStacker for the first time and the panel isn't visible, press the Esc key on the keyboard to close the start screen.

You should then see ProStacker docked within Photoshop. If you drag the ProStacker panel out so that it becomes a floating window, it will always be visible when opening, even if the start screen is present.