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DMXzone Timepicker

Keep your site on the clock with an amazing timepicker

Keep your site on the clock with an amazing timepicker


Do you want to keep your website on the clock? Here comes the DMXzone Timepicker - this Dreamweaver extension allows you to add great looking and well validated time fields on your web forms and improve their usability and user experience. No matter from where your customers are you can pick up from different time formats to suits you best.

Choose from 24 designs which are CSS based and fully customizable to fit your page. You can add all kinds of animations, customize the timepicker appearance, select time ranges to limit the selectable time, use alternative fields for saving the time value and more.

The DMXzone Timepicker can be used as a standalone extension or like an add-on for the DMXzone Calendar 2. It has built-in server formats for easy time conversion in ASP and PHP. The extension is also optimized for touch devices so you can drag it when you use steps and grids. The behavior connector allows the DMXzone Timepicker to control other extensions such as (DMXzone Lightbox, Advanced HTML Editor 3, Ajax Event Calendar and others.



Version 1.1.1
Improved support for new addition styling themes, like the DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack
Improved style picker dialog to pick up automatically new available styles

Once installed in Dreamweaver Extension Manager, you can access the extension from the DMXzone Object bar and then click the ”DMXzone Timepicker” icon or from the Insert/DMXzone Menu.

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