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Techpacker - Fashion production management

Create professional, automated tech packs without leaving Illustrator. The easiest way for design teams to manage Digital Assets and Collaborate with manufacturers.

Create professional, automated tech packs without leaving Illustrator. The easiest way for design teams to manage Digital Assets and Collaborate with manufacturers.

Techpacker app extension enables your creative teams to collaborate through every step of the product development without leaving Adobe Illustrator. By installing this plugin, connect all your Illustration sketches with Techpacker PLM platform for a seamless fashion production management experience.

With Techpacker extension for Adobe Illustrator you can:

1) Create professional tech packs
Turn your fashion flat sketches into factory-ready tech packs. Upload your design artwork to our Tech pack boards® directly from the Illustrator and generate PDF ready techpacks in seconds.

2) Sync and automate design updates
Save yourself time from manually exporting and formatting your files, each time you make a design update. Our powerful technology lets you automatically sync all your changes in a click without losing its image quality.

3) Build digital asset libraries
Centralize all your design assets by building sharable design, material and measurement libraries. Also attach your illustrator files in your tech packs to share with your manufacturers or use as future archives.

4) Real-time collaboration
Keep your designs up to date and visible to other team member at all times. Our full support to artboards let designers connect their designs with the rest of the team, increasing collaboration & stopping bottlenecks.



In this release: 1.3.0, we are upgrading the image quality, while keeping the performance and speed intact when uploading on Techpacker.

In our last release: 1.2.0,
Based on the collective feedback, this version focuses on performance and speed. The major changes that you'll notice are:
1. It used to take long time to upload files and sometimes you didn't want to upload the illustrator file on the card. Therefore you now have the option to enable and disable the option to upload the illustrator files.
2. Some users have really long file path and the becomes very clunky when selecting a artboard top upload therefore we have now removed the path name.

Bug Fixes:
Bug Fix: When you tried to create your first library via the extension, it keeps loading until you logout and login again. This has now been fixed.

Future Fixes:
You brought out that it was difficult to know which artboard you have selected so having a way to show the little thumbnail will be really useful. However we couldn't find a sophisticated solution with Adobe API. We'll continue to research more.


To learn about image dimension and improving quality, see here:

1) After installing this extension, close and restart your Adobe illustrator.
2) After restart, go to Window > Extensions > Techpacker to open the extension.
3) When enabled, log in using your Techpacker account credentials. If you don't have an account, create one from https://techpacker.com/sign-up with a 7-day free trial.

Here's our step-by-step guide on how to install Techpacker app extension for Adobe Illustrator- https://helpcenter.techpacker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058750993-How-to-Install-Adobe-Illustrator-extension-for-Techpacker

Still having troubles installing the extension? or have any other questions? contact us at lucy@techpacker.com