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Query PlantNet

Identify plants out of Lightroom Classic and assign found species name as keywords or titles to your photo

Identify plants out of Lightroom Classic and assign found species name as keywords or titles to your photo

Ever wondered what this beautiful flower on your picture is called? What's the name of that interesting fern you discovered last weekend?
Pl@ntNet is a citizen science project that helps you identify plants thanks to your pictures.
This plugin helps you to do this right out of your Lightroom Classic, and can add the scientific and common names as metadata to your photo.



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Installation Instructions

Download the QueryPlantNet plug-in for Lightroom.
If you have problems to download from Adobe Exchange, you can try the zip files on https://lrplantnet.mumintroll.org/releases/

After downloading the .zip archive click on it to unpack the plug-in (lrplantnet.lrplugin). You can put the file in any folder. For example, add it to your Documents folder.

For simple installation use the Lightroom Plug-in Manager.

Start the Lightroom application, from the File menu choose Plug-in Manager.
Click Add.
Navigate to the folder where you have saved the lrplantnet.lrplugin.
Select the file and Click OK.


In order to use this free version of the plugin, you need an API key
from plantnet.org. The API key is a string consisting of random numbers
characters. It is associated to an account on that website and is used
instead of a username and password to authenticate you from Lightroom to
the website of plantnet.org.

This is what you need to do:

1. Visit https://my.plantnet.org/ and create an account
2. Create an API key inside your account and copy it to the clipboard.
3. Go back to Lightroom's plugin manager, mark the LrPlantnet add-on,
and paste the API key into the text field.
4. Validate it by pressing the button next to the text field.

How to identify a plant

- Mark an image with the plant you wish to identify
- Open the export dialog and choose ”Query Plantnet”
- Make your choices for the analysis:
- Which plant part is shown?
- How many matches do you want to see?
- How many related images should be shown?
- Choose where in your keyword hierarchy the species name should
be added (you can decide later if it should be added at all)
- Should synonyms be added to the keyword?
- Press Export to send the image to analysis
- After a short time, the top matches will be shown along with
scientific and common names and the scores
- After selecting the plant which fits best to the one in your
picture, decide how to use the species name on the left side of the
dialog: As keyword, title and/or caption? (the plugin will not
overwrite existing captions or titles)
- Press OK to apply

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