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Utility to help you organize your project comps

Utility to help you organize your project comps

- Find and Replace names in the project panel
- Custom naming convention function that you can edit to fit your needs. You can find a default example naming convention script.
- Add to Adobe Media Encoder, with a specified output path

I hope you enjoy this free tool.


Open the extension from the Window -> Extensions menu

All the following operations will per applied to the selected items in the project panel. If nothing is selected in the project panel, then it will apply it to all.


There are two renaming modes:
1. Find and Replace
2. Custom function rename
You can toggle between the two by opening the ”Rename” menu (click on the arrow in the ”Rename” button), and then clicking the toggle.

Rename will search for the value in the first input field, and replace it with the value in the second. It's case sensitive, so watch out.

If you toggle the switch, you'll see an ”Edit” button appear. Clicking it will open the custom renaming function that applies the naming convention we use at Bending Spoons.
At the top you'll see a brief explanation of how it works.
You can edit this and customise it for your naming convention.

The ”Render” button will help you select an output folder for the comps you want to render.
Opening the menu will reveal an input field: in there you can put the path to the output folder where your renders will go.
Clicking the ”Render” button will then add all the comps to the Adobe Media Encoder queue, with the specified folder.
Some cool things you can use to set the output folder:
- ”[root]” will be replaced with the path to the current Adobe Project. If it's not saved, you will get an error
- ”[YYMMDD]” will be replaced with the current date in the format (example the day I'm writing this: 201117)
- ”..” Will move up a folder in the hierarchy



- Fixed issue with icons not displaying

Window -> Extensions -> BSP Renamer

You need to grant Scripts to write files and access network. To do so:
1. Go to After Effects -> Preferences -> Scripting & Expressions on Mac, or Edit -> Preferences -> Scripting & Expressions on Windows
2. Check the ”Allow Script to Write Files and Access Network” checkbox

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