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Quick Retouch Kit for Adobe Photoshop for Beginner

$9 ONLY! ($18 regular price)

$9 ONLY! ($18 regular price)


Quick Retouch Kit is an excellent set of portrait retouching actions. Even if you're a beginner, it can help you retouch like a pro today.

About product

11 handy portrait retouching actions for Adobe Photoshop

You can fix any skin problems, highlight and contour, sharpen and add skin texture, and enhance your eyes / eyebrows / eyelashes / hair.

Our handmade actions for Adobe Photoshop are designed to look great on a wide variety of images. They help solve most of the problems that can arise when retouching portraits. Our retouching actions work with all skin tones.


11 professional actions for Adobe Photoshop compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CC versions
Compatible with JPG and RAW images
Compatible with both Windows and macOS
Detailed instructions for installing on Adobe Photoshop
Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--IIDHuNRbo&list=PLu7n81t_tAeQbZVOUAT16k2NDFiVb5Qwi

This set includes actions such as:
Auto Skin Retouch — removes unevenness and imperfections from the skin
Anti Glare — removes excess oiliness and shine from the skin
Iris Sharpness — makes the eyes clear and incredibly expressive
White Teeth — whitens teeth perfectly
Sharpness — shows sharpness where it is needed
Skin Tone — gives the skin a natural tan
Matte — makes the photo appear more matte
Contrast — shows contrast where you need it
Stamp Layer — removes the dotted spots, sealing them
Volume — adds depth and dimension to the image.
The Whites of Eyes — make the whites of the eyes whiter and the eyes themselves more expressive

If you have any questions, be sure to write to us at support@kuafara.com


Quick Retouch Kit video course.pdf
Actions Installation Guide.pdf

1. Unzip Quick Retouch Kit.zip
2. Open Actions Installation Guide.pdf
3. Follow the installation instructions
4. Links to video tutorials can be found in the Quick Retouch Kit video course.pdf

If you need help, be sure to email us at support@kuafara.com. We will be very glad to help you. Good luck and inexhaustible inspiration!

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